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We are an experimental research group in condensed matter physics. Using the uniquely designed scanning probe microscopes, we investigate the electronic, magnetic, and optical properties of single molecules and nano-structures, as well as the related ultrafast dynamics processes. more


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  • 2017.01 : Our work in the nuclear quantum effects of water is elected as one of Top 10 Progresses of Science and Technology of China in 2016. pku news
  • 2016.11 : There is an interview of our lab by Physics World (the member magazine of the Institute of Physics), which was founded by the current editor-in-chief of Nature (Philip Campbell). link of the interview
  • 2016.10 : Our paper "Perspective: Structure and dynamics of water at surfaces probed by scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy" was published by Journal of Chemical Physics. pkunews
  • 2016.10 : Jinbo and Prof. Jiang attended the 15th International Workshop on Dynamics, Interactions and Electronic Transitions at Surfaces (DIET-15) where Prof. Jiang gave an invitation report. see pictures
  • 2016.10 : Jinbo won the National Scholarship and Chaoyu, Zhichang the Special Scholarship. Congratulations!
  • 2016.09 : Prof. Harald Fuchs, from University of Münster, Germany, has visited our lab. see pictures
  • 2016.09 : Jinbo, Chaoyu, Zhichang, and Prof. Jiang attended the CPS Fall Meeting 2016. Prof. Jiang served as the caller of the “Surface and Low-dimensional Physics” division. see pictures
  • 2016.09 : Prof. Jiang was granted the Key Project (重点项目,310万) of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC). link
  • 2016.08.19 : Jing Guo was elected for the first "Postdoctoral Innovative Personnel Support Program" (首届“博士后创新人才支持计划”). link
  • 2016.06.03 : Jing Guo (see picture) and Xiangzhi Meng (see picture) finished the Phd thesis defense, congratulations!
  • 2016.06.02 : Zeren Lin and Mingcheng Liang finished the undergraudate thesis defense, congratulations!
  • 2016.06:Jing Guo won the grand prize, Jinbo Peng and Chao Yu won the third prize in the twelfth Graduate Academic Forum of "Zhong Shengbiao education fund" (第十一届“钟盛标教育基金”研究生学术论坛).
  • 2016.03 : Our paper"Nuclear quantum effects of hydrogen bonds probed by tip-enhanced inelastic electron tunneling" was accepted by Science. Congratulation! pkunews
  • 2016.03 : Jinbo Peng obtained addmission to attend 66th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. pkunews
  • 2016.03 : Prof. Jiang and Jinbo Peng attended APS march meeting. Prof Jiang gave an invited talk on Session P31: Water at Interfaces: From Spectroscopy Techniques to Computer Simulations.