2017 Spring2017春季

Title Speaker Date Host
Nanoscale Devices based on Two-dimensional Materials Wenjuan Zhu 2017-05-31 陈剑豪
Publishing in Nature journals Wei Fan 2017-05-24 刘开辉
Probing Light-Matter Interactions in Semiconductor Nanomaterials Qihua Xiong 2017-05-17 王健
反铁磁薄膜材料及其多场调控 Prof. Cheng Song 2017-05-10 栗佳
Gate-Induced 2D Superconductivity Prof. Y. Iwasa 2017-05-03 王健
Ultrafast Spectroscopy Characterization toward Next Generation High Performance Electronic and Optoelectronic Devices Dong Sun 2017-04-26
Dynamic nuclear polarization and resistively-detected NMR in semiconductor quantum systems Yoshiro Hirayama 2017-04-12 张弛
Physics of Josephson Plasma in High-Tc Copper Oxides Prof. S. Uchida 2017-04-03 王楠林
Integrable and non-integrable models in quantum optics Daniel BRAAK 2017-04-06 谢心澄
Searching for Majorana zero modes in two-dimensional systems Fanming Qu 2017-04-05 陈剑豪
Spin Transport in Spintronics Sadamichi Maekawa 2017-03-30 韩伟
Skyrmion Topological Spintronics Wanjun Jiang 2017-03-29 栗佳
Self-learning Quantum Monte Carlo method Xiao Yan Xu 2017-03-24 刘雄军
Some exact results concerning the short-range correlations of ultracold atomic gases Prof. Shina Tan (檀时钠) 2017-03-22 吴飙
Dynamical Shiba states and bands in s-wave superconductors Mircea Trif 2017-03-09 RYUICHI SHINDO
2D Materials, Heterostructures and Devices: Opportunities and Challenges Xiangfeng Duan 2017-03-07 刘开辉
Symmetry Enriched U(1) Topological Orders on the Pyrochlore Lattice Gang Chen 2017-03-08 王垡
Machine Learning for Many-Body Physics Lei Wang 2017-03-09 刘雄军
New topological gapless particles in cold atom systems Dr. Yong Xu 2017-03-07 吴飙
Interesting Dynamics interplay with Symmetry, Topology and Entropy Hui Zhai 2017-03-01 刘雄军
Ferroelectrics Assisted Electronics and Optoelectronics Devices of 1D/2D Materials Jianlu Wang 2017-02-22 陈剑豪
Computing electron correlation effects: an auxiliary-field perspective Shiwei Zhang 2017-01-11 李新征
Nodal-chain metals QuanSheng Wu 2017-01-10 江 华
从量子隧穿到激光聚变物理 刘杰 2017-01-04 吴飙