2011 Spring2011年春季

Title Speaker Date Host
Searching for Dirac Fermions in Bi2Se3 via transport Prof. Jing Shi 2011-07-05
This talk has been cancelled."Ultracold atoms tuned to new many-body regimes" Prof. Wensheng Liu 2011-07-06
Search for Majorana Fermions in p-Type Semiconductor Thin Films and Nanowires Prof. Chuanwei Zhang 2011-06-27
Transport properties of graphene and topological insulators Ashley DaSilva 2011-06-28
Dynamic Jahn-Teller Effect in the NV- Center in Diamond Dr. Peihong Zhang 2011-06-29
ARPES measurements of superconducting gap of iron-based superconductors – a path towards a unified paradigm of high-Tc superconductivity Prof. Hong Ding 2011-06-15
Emergence of Order in Physical, Chemical and Biological Prof. Harry L.Swinnery 2011-06-13
Electronic Structure and Optical Response of Low-dimensional Structures Dr. Li Yang 2011-06-08
拓扑量子材料新体系的预测 Prof. Yugui Yao 2011-06-01
Exploring and tuning the transport properties of topological insulators Prof.Yayu Wang 2011-05-25
Visualizing Order Parameter Landscapes in Heterogeneous Superconductor Thin Films: Geometric Influences on Proximity Effects Prof. Chih-Kang Shih 2011-05-23
Forbidden Light: Shaping Molecular Electroluminescence at the Nanoscale Prof. Zhenchao Dong 2011-05-17
Quantum plasmonics: A microscopic view of surface plasmon and its coupling with electrons Prof. Shiwu Gao 2011-05-11
Tailoring Magnetization Reversal in Nanostructures with Perpendicular Anisotropy Prof. Kai Liu 2011-05-06
Probing Dirac Fermions in Graphene Prof. Yuanbo Zhang 2011-04-27
The Exciton Superfluid in Quantum-Hall Bilayers Prof. Werner Dietsche 2011-04-20
寻找更硬更强的轻元素超硬材料 Prof. Hong Sun 2011-04-13
Topological Superfluidity of Dirac Fermions: Exact Solutions and Applications Prof. Zidan Wang 2011-04-19
In Search of Perfect Fluidity in Strongly Interacting Fermi Gases: An Ultracold Quantum Simulator for Condensed and Nuclear Matter Dr Le Luo 2011-04-12
高压下典型单质与化合物的奇异新结构与新性质 Prof. Yanming Ma 2011-04-06
Plasmonic Nanostructures: From Quantum Effects to Fano Interference Prof. Peter Nordlander 2011-04-06
碳化硅上高迁移率石墨烯的输运研究 Prof. Xiaosong Wu 2011-03-30
Dimer‐breaking and electronic correlation in ThCr2Si2 structure compounds Dr. Shuang Jia 2011-03-17
Controllable self-assembly and electron transfer: molecular and interface engineering for organic photovoltaics Prof. Sheng Meng 2011-03-16
SeminarCooper Pair Splitter and Quantum Entanglement of Electrons Prof. Xiao Hu 2011-03-15
STM Study of Topological Insulators Grown by MBE Prof. Xi Chen 2011-03-09
Studies on Transport Properties of Topological Insulators Prof. Yongqing Li 2011-03-02
Myths around Bose-Einstein Condensation Prof. V.I. Yukalov 2011-02-23