2018 Spring2018春季

Title Speaker Date Host
Floquet phases of matter: time crystals and beyond Dr. Dominic Else 2018-07-03 RYUICHI SHINDO
Topological metals and quantum simulations 汪子丹(Zi-Dan Wang) 2018-06-20 刘雄军
Exploring Proximity Coupling for Novel Spin-Dependent Phenomena Jing Shi 2018-06-13 牛谦
From epitaxy to science and processing technologies of novel van der Waals crystals Amalia Patanè 2018-06-14 韩伟
Majorana physics in spin space: from detecting to braiding Xin Liu(刘鑫) 2018-06-06 刘雄军
Probing Quantum Orders in high-Tc cuprate superconductors Yingying Peng 2018-06-04 江颖
CHIRAL SPINTRONICS See-Hun Yang 2018-05-30 韩伟
How to Walk on Water? – Ioffe-Regel Localization of Acoustic Excitations in Liquids Professor Yang Zhang 2018-05-25 徐莉梅
Thermal conduction in solids: playing with it as a materials physicist Junqiao Wu (吴军桥) 2018-05-24 贾爽
Anomalous Transport and Magnetic Properties in Topological Phases of Matter Tian Liang 2018-05-28 江颖
Magnetic Proximity Effects in Two-Dimensional Materials roximitized Materials Igor ?uti? 2018-05-25 韩伟
Field Effect Control of Quantum Phases J. T. Ye 2018-05-23 陈剑豪
The Quantum Science of Atoms on Surfaces Andreas J. Heinrich 2018-05-23 江颖
First-principles study of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction Prof. Hongxin Yang 2018-05-23 韩伟
Predictive modeling of low-dimensional materials, synthesis to properties Boris I. Yakobson 2018-05-22 陈剑豪
Conventional and in-situ quantum transport measurement of two-dimensional materials Jian-Hao Chen 2018-05-21 王楠林
Novel topological lattices for ultracold atoms Gediminas Juzeliūnas 2018-05-17 刘雄军
Emerging electronic and magnetic materials based on Ag(II) Wojciech Grochala 2018-05-16 冯济
ARPES实验验证拓扑量子物态和材料 钱天 2018-05-09 贾爽
Spin Conversion Phenomena in Spintronics YOSHICHIKA OTANI 2018-05-11 韩伟
Transport scaling theories of disordered Weyl semimetals and topological spin-nematic excitonic insulators in graphite under high magnetic field RYUICHI SHINDOU 2018-05-08 王垡
Non-Adiabatic Molecular Dynamics Investigations on the Excited Carrier Dynamics Jin Zhao 2018-05-08 李新征
Studying 2D magnetism and superconductivity with a Sagnac MOKE microscope Jing Xia 2018-05-07 杜瑞瑞
Inside Nature Andrea Taroni 2018-04-27 吴飙
Quantum liquids in one dimension Xiwen Guan (管习文) 2018-04-25 吴飙
基于群体智能的CALYPSO结构预测方法和应用 马琰铭教授 2018-04-20 冯济
高压下的相变和功能材料设计 孙建 2018-04-18 冯济
Superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 Prof. Qiang-Hua Wang 2018-04-11 王健
Atomic-Layer Superconductors with Molecule-based van der Waals Heterostructures and the Rashba Effect Prof. Takashi Uchihashi 2018-04-04 王健
Pursuing novel electronic states in two-dimensional chalcogenides, perovskite oxides, and their heterostructures Ke Zou 2018-04-09 韩伟
A cascade of phase transitions in an orbitally mixed half-filled Landau level Joseph Falson 2018-04-04 林熙
Plastic Deformation in a Quantum Solid: Dislocation Avalanches and Creep in Helium Zhigang Cheng 2018-03-28 林熙
Unusual “normal state” of cuprates: a Bose liquid descriptions on Bad metal, Non-fermi liquid, kink, and pseudogap phase Prof. Wei Ku (顾威) 2018-03-21 王楠林
Advanced fiber-optic ultrafast sources for multiphoton microscopy 常国庆 2018-03-14 孙栋
A Comprehensive phase diagram of the square lattice spin-1/2 J1-J2 Heisenberg Antiferromagnet Ling Wang 2018-02-28 RYUICHI SHINDO