Computational condensed matter physics

  • Feng, Ji: Electronic and mechanical properties of atomic membranes (e.g. graphene);  Ultra-strength materials and strain engineering, structural principles (and prediction) and electronic states of the highly compressed crystalline state.
  • Wang, Enge: Nonequilibrium growth and chemical vapor deposition of light-element nanomaterials; water behaviors in confinement
  • Xu, Limei: Critical phenomenon in liquids/supercooled; bulk metallic glasses; granular system
  • 冯济:计算物理和凝聚态理论,尤其关注低维材料中的特异电子性质,高压下的相变,以及物理力学问题。
  • 王恩哥:表面动力学,受限条件下水的复杂行为,轻元素纳米材料的非平衡态生长及物性研究。
  • 徐莉梅:受限、非受限水的特性研究;软物质中的相变及临界现象,玻璃及金属玻璃转变机理研究。