Computational condensed matter physics

  • Feng, Ji: Computational physics and electronic structure theory, with particular focus on electronic Berry phase, electron-phonon coupling and correlation effects; electronic structure methods based on ab initio approaches;
  • Wang, Enge: Fundamental understanding of the kinetics involved in formation and decay of surface-based nanostructures, development of chemical vapor deposition of light-element nanomaterials, and study of water behaviors in confinement system;
  • Xu, Limei: Theoretical and computational physics. Especially interested in anomalous behavior of confined and bulk water; phase transition and critical phenomenon in soft-materials; glass transformations.

  • 冯济计算物理和电子结构理论。关注电子体系中的贝里相位相关的问题,以及电声耦合、相互作用等关联效应;基于第一原理的计算方法;
  • 王恩哥表面动力学、轻元素纳米材料的化学气相沉积生长、以及受限条件下水的复杂行为的研究;
  • 徐莉梅受限、非受限水的特性研究;软物质中的相变及临界现象,玻璃及金属玻璃转变机理研究。