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2018 Fall2018秋季

Title Video Speaker Date Host
Metamaterials and Topological Mechanics  -  Tom Lubensky 2018-11-15 徐莉梅
Research on two-dimensional superconductivity using multifunctionality of electric double transistors  -  Tsutomu Nojima 2018-11-14 王健
中子散射研究蛋白质动力学  -  洪亮 2018-11-09 徐莉梅
Quantum Spin Hall and Excitonic Condensation in Semiconductor Double Layers  -  Lingjie Du (杜灵杰) 2018-11-08 杜瑞瑞
Topological Superconductivity in Various Topological Materials  -  Masatoshi Sato 2018-11-07 王健
Majorana search and topologically protected quantum computation: Challenges and progress Link Dong Liu(刘东) 2018-10-31 施均仁
An Atomic-Scale View on Oxide Surfaces Link Ulrike Diebold 2018-10-29 江颖
Fractional quantum Hall effects without rotational symmetry Link 胡自翔 2018-10-24 林熙
Low voltage aberration corrected STEM for two-dimensional heterostructures  -  Wu Zhou(周武) 2018-10-17 高鹏
Spin Transport in insulating ferri- and antiferromagnets – enabling antiferromagnetic spintronics Link Mathias Kläui 2018-10-17 韩伟
Spin-Orbit Torques: Discoveries, Advances and Possibilities  -  Robert Buhrman 2018-10-11 韩伟
Turning ‘off’ and ‘on’ the topological edge states in ultra-thin Na3Bi  -  Mark Thomas Edmonds 2018-10-12 陈剑豪
Majorana nanowires and topological quantum computation  -  Hao Zhang 2018-10-10 何庆林
IEEE Distinguished Lecture  -  Can-Ming Hu 2018-10-02 韩伟
Multi-level state and unidirectional switching driven by spin-orbit torque  -  Chih-Huang Lai (賴志煌) 2018-09-26 韩伟
Optical Nonlinearity of Graphene at Single Particle Approximation  -  JinLuo Cheng 2018-09-26 孙栋
Atomic scale imaging of spin, charge and lattice by achromatic electron microscopy  -  Xiaoyan Zhong 2018-09-19 高鹏
Low dimensional hybrids and their novel gate-tunable quantum properties  -  Zheng Vitto Han 韩拯 2018-09-12 陈剑豪
Novel Materials in spin orbital torque based current induced magnetization switching  -  CHEN Jingsheng 2018-09-10 韩伟
Hubbard Model, Unconventional Superconductivity and Density Waves in Twisted Bilayer Graphene  -  Fanqi Yuan 袁凡奇 2018-08-30 刘雄军
Synthesis and superconductivity in RV2Al20 and CaBi2  -  Tomasz Klimczuk 2018-08-27 贾爽
Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid Nature of Integer Quantum Hall Edge Excitations  -  Masayuki Hashisaka 2018-08-27 刘阳
Low dimensional magnetism of quasi-1D spin-chain systems and the role of spin-orbital coupling  -  D.T. Adroja 2018-08-27 李源
Tuning topological semimetals by high magnetic fields  -  Philip Moll 2018-08-24 张弛
Spin Mechatronics - Prof. A. Einstein meets Spintronics  -  Sadamichi Maekawa 2018-08-09 韩伟
Advances in single atom electron spin resonance: hyperfine interaction and magnetic resonance imaging  -  Philip Willke 2018-07-11 江颖
Topology and Geometry of Bloch Electrons  -  牛谦 教授 2018-07-09 杜瑞瑞
When Topology Meets Many-body Physics -- the Making of 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics  -  Prof. Yong-Shi Wu (吴咏时) 2018-07-09 牛谦