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Graduate students in ICQM attended the 2015 Chinese low temperature conference

 The 2015 Chinese low temperature conference was held from Apr. 1 to 4, 2015 on the campus of Hang Zhou Normal University, Hang Zhou, China. The low temperature conference was hosted by Chinese Physical Society and Low Temperature Physics Professional Committee. Its purpose is to provide a forum for physicists to exchange research ideas for potential collaborations and discuss the developing trends in the field of international low temperature.

Many graduate students in our center attended the conference and earnestly participated in academic exchanges. Tingxin Li in Ruirui Du’s group and Ying Xing in Jian Wang’s group won the “outstanding poster award” in the field of quantum transport in 2D electron systems and superconductivity, respectively. In addition, He Wang from Jian Wei group gave an oral presentation on Point-contact measurements of 3D Dirac semimetal Cd3As2

    第十四届全国低温物理学术讨论会于201541日到4日期间在西子湖畔、钱塘江边的 杭州师范大学举行。本次会议将由中国物理学会低温物理专业委员会主办,由杭州师范大学中国科学院物理研究所共同承办,旨在为从事相关研究的理论和实验科学工作者提供一个交流平台,探讨国际低温物理领域发展的新动向,寻求和发展跨单位的合作。

量子中心多名研究生参加了本届低温物理学术会议。其中杜瑞瑞组研究生李听昕和王健组研究生邢颖分别在低维量子输运和超导方向获得了大会评选的优秀墙报奖。危健组研究生王贺在3D Dirac半金属Cd3As2的点接触测量方面做了口头报告。