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2015 ICQM Summer School

    During July 6th to 10th, 2015, a summer school was organized by the International Center for Quantum Material (ICQM) and held at the School of Physics, Peking University in Beijing. The theme of the summer school “Two Dimensional Materials: Synthesis, Fundamental Properties and Device Applications”. More than 20 distinguished professors were invited to give lectures, they were from institutions all over the world including UC Berkeley, University of Washington, George Institute of Technology, etc. More than 200 students, from over 50 universities and institutions such as University of Singapore, Tsinghai University, Institute of Physics, CAS, Zhejiang University, participated in the summer school.

    The goal of the summer school was to provide a platform for academic exchanges to scientists, senior undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers who were engaged in the related fields of two-dimensional material, to broaden their academic horizons, to learn about the cutting-edge issues in the field.


    The summer school kicked off at 8:30am July 6th in the conference room on the second floor of the west wing at the School of Physics. Opening ceremony was chaired by associate professor Dong Sun and the opening speech was delivered by the director of ICQM, prof.Du Ruirui on behalf of the Center. He welcomed all attendees from oversea and across the country, and briefly introduced the development of ICQM, the team of faculties and scientific achievements accomplished at the center.

    The Summer School synthesized the frontier issues of the two-dimensional material, and fostered in-depth discussions and held trainings for specific topics. The summer school mainly consisted of three components: four-day lectures at graduate students’ level given by well-known experts and professors from overseas, covering various topics from the fundamental theory, synthesis, optical and electrical properties and device application of two dimensional materials; followed by a one-day local symposium to exchange recent research breakthroughs regarding 2D materials by researchers in Beijing area; and a poster session presented by graduate students. During the poster session, the students discussed warmly and expressed their opinions actively, fully demonstrating the innovative thinking and passion for research of modern graduate students.

    Thesummer school received full support from the Graduate School and School of Physics of the Peking University, and financial assistance from various community sponsors.


此次暑期学校聚焦了二维材料的最前沿问题,并对此展开了深入的研讨和专题培训。会议主要分为三个板块:1. 为期四天的研究生课程,由海外知名学校的专家教授做特邀报告,内容涵盖了二维材料的基础理论、合成、光学、电气特性以及器件应用。2、持续一天的研讨会,主要是由邀请到的北京地区各专家教授分享他们在二维材料领域的最新突破性研究成果。3、研究生通过海报形式展示自己的科研成果。展示期间,同学们讨论热烈,踊跃发言,充分展现出了当代研究生创新的思维和对科研的热情。