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Jing Guo won the first prize of the nc-AFM 2015 poster competition

Jing Guo, a PhD student in Prof. Ying Jiang’s group of International Center for Quantum Materials, School of Physics, Peking University, won the first prize of the nc-AFM 2015 poster competition. The 18th International Conference on non-contact Atomic Force Microscopy (nc-AFM) was held from September 7 to September 11 in Cassis, France. The conference was initiated in Japan since 1988 and was held every year at many different countries, such as, Switzerland, Germany, USA, Canada et al.It covers experimental, theoretical and instrumental contributions by means of the different dynamic operation modes used in nc-AFM. Particular emphasis is placed on high resolution imaging, nanoscale manipulation, and force spectroscopy applications used for all kinds of applications in nanoscience.  Jing Guo presented the work of “Submolecular-resolution imaging of the interfacial water with combined STM and NC-AFM” in the poster exhibition, which attracted wide attentions and was recognized as the most outstanding achievement out of more than 100 posters by the jurors of the conference.

  2015年9月7日至11日在法国卡西斯举办的第18届非接触式原子力显微镜(nc-AFM)国际会议上,北京大学物理学院量子材料科学中心江颖课题组博士生郭静同学的“界面水的高分辨STM/nc-AFM成像”研究工作荣获优秀海报一等奖。此次会议共展出100多份海报,其中一等奖只设一个名额,郭静同学在激烈的竞争中脱颖而出,获得了此殊荣。nc-AFM国际会议是原子力显微镜领域最具影响力的会议之一,1998年起源于日本,此后分别在瑞士,德国,美国,加拿大等国家每年举办一届,此会议每年吸引一大批从事 AFM实验技术和理论计算的科学工作者。本届会议优秀海报奖由来自法国Im2np和CINaM研究所的主办方颁发,用于奖励在会议海报展示中表现出色的参会人,并对其科研工作给予认可。