Program on 'Quantum crystals, liquids and gases'(Jun 6-10, 2011)

Program on "Quantum crystals, liquids and gases"


Register for the Program. Registration deadline: May 29, 2011.


Download schedule and abstracts of invited talks here.

Venue and Time:

The program will be held at ICQM (Room 607, Science Building 5) in Peking University from June 6-June 10, 2011.

Scope and Goal:

In this program, we would like to explore selected topics of frontiers in modern condensed matter physics research. Topics may include topological insulator, quantum computation architecture, iron and copper-oxide based superconductivity, interacting atomic gases, and other correlated many-body systems.


The program is planed to be a mixture of summer school and research workshop. The invited speakers will give talks with rather complete and self-contained introductions so that young students/postdocs can follow. At the same time, cutting-edge research will be discussed in details. Blackboard talks are also encouraged. The plan is to have a rather small, but intimate program which helps more in-depth discussions between speakers and participants.

Invited Speakers:

Jason Alicea, UC, Irvine
Srinivas Raghu, Rice University
Yong-Baek Kim, Univ. of Toronto
Kai Sun, Univ. of Maryland
Hong Yao, UC, Berkeley
Hui Zhai, Tsinghua Univ.
Shou-Cheng Zhang, Stanford Univ.
Fa Wang, MIT
Chi Zhang, Princeton Univ.


Students, postdocs, as well as researchers in relevent fields are encouraged to participate. Because part of the goal is to have young students/postdocs inspired and benefited from the program, they are particularly encouraged to attend. View the list of participants here.


* Ying Ran, Boston College,
* XinCheng Xie, ICQM PKU
* Enge Wang, ICQM PKU


Questions about the program can be forwarded to ICQM, or Ying Ran