RICE-PKU Workshop, 2015



On March 07, 2015, a joint RICE-PKU workshop on quantum materials was held at Rice Center for Quantum Materials (RCQMat Rice University, USA. The open remark was given by David W. Leebron, the president of Rice University. He first welcome the International Center for Quantum Materials (ICQM) team from Peking University to visit Rice University and then presented his very positive and supportive view for the potential collaboration between these two centers. The RCQM delegation was led by Qimiao Si, the director of the RCQM. He and several other professors introduced their current research interest, including AMO physics, magneto-optical spectroscopy and theoretical research on spin/heat transport in topological superconductors, etc. The ICQM delegation was led by Ruirui Du, the director of the ICQM. He and several other professors represented the current research direction at ICQM, including superconductor, STM,  optical spectroscopy as well as transport measurements at ultralow temperatures, etc. The potential collaborations on various topics are discussed. Overall, this workshop was very successful, and both RCQM and ICQM are interested in close collaborations with each other on the physics of quantum materials.



ICQM members standing in the front of William Marsh Rice,

who bequeathed his fortune to found Rice University