Dr. Yi Zhang

Assistant Professor

Contact Info

Office: School of Physics, W629

Tel: +86-15601250962

Email:frankzhangyi@gmail.com, frankzhangyi@pku.edu.cn

Personal Homepage:https://sites.google.com/site/frankzhangyi/home/



Degree Year Major Institution
Ph.D. 2007-2012 Physics University of California, Berkeley
B.S 2004-2007 Physics Fudan University


Professional Appointments

Year Position Insititution
2012-2016 Postdoctoral Fellow Stanford University
2016-2019 Bethe Fellow Cornell University
2019-Current Assistant Professor Peking University



Research Interests

Innovated methods, algorithms, model systems, and emergent phenomena for quantum materials, machine learning for condensed matter researches, topological materials, quantum entanglement, magneto-transport phenomena, strongly-correlated systems, etc.

Honors and Awards


Selected Publications

  • Machine Learning in Electronic Quantum Matter Imaging Experiments

Yi Zhang*, A. Mesaros*, K. Fujita, S. D. Edkins, M. H. Hamidian, K. Ch'ng, H. Eisaki, S. Uchida, J. C. Séamus Davis, E. Khatami, Eun-Ah Kim

Nature (accepted, in production) (2019)

  • Quantum Hall effect based on Weyl orbits in Cd3As2

Cheng Zhang*, Yi Zhang*, Xiang Yuan*, Shiheng Lu, Jinglei Zhang, Awadhesh Narayan, Yanwen Liu, Huiqin Zhang, Zhuoliang Ni, Ran Liu, Eun Sang Choi, Alexey Suslov, Stefano Sanvito, Li Pi, Hai-Zhou Lu, Andrew C. Potter & Faxian Xiu

Nature 565, 331–336 (2019)

  • Quantum Loop Topography for Machine Learning

Yi Zhang, Eun-Ah Kim

Physical Review Letters 118, 216401 (2017) [Editors' Suggestion and Physics Viewpoint].

* equal contribution authors.

Opening Positions

Potentially available in 2020: 1 position for incoming graduate student, 1 postdoc position