Ren-Min Ma 马仁敏

Middle 406, School of Physics,

Peking University, Beijing 100871

Phone: +86 10 6276 0275


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Research Experiences                                                                                                                   


Assistant Professor

School of Physics

State Key Lab for Mesoscopic Physics

Collaborative innovation center of quantum matters

Peking University




Postdoctoral Research Fellow,

University of California, Berkeley



Graduate Student Research Assistant

Peking University


Research Interest


Nanoscale lasers and physics, quantum optics and photonics, nanoelectronics and biochemical sensors.   




July 2009    Ph.D. iPhysics                              Peking University

July 2004    B.S. in AppliePhysics              

University of Science and Technology Beijing


Selected Honors and Awards                                                                                                      


2011: National Top 100 Ph.D. Dissertations of China (among all fields)

2011: Excellent Ph.D. Dissertation of Peking University

2009: Outstanding Graduate of Peking University                                                                          

2008: Chinese Physical Society Qi‐Sun Ye Experimental Physics Award

2008: Top TeGraduate Researcheof Peking University (First Place)   

2007: Academic Innovation Award, Peking University   

2007: Chinese Academy of Science Scholarship

 2007: First‐ClasPrize, the 5th S. B. Zhong Education Fund Graduate Forum


Representative Publications                            


1.   R. M. Ma et al. “Explosive Detection in a Lasing Plasmon Nanocavity”   

         Nature Nanotechnology  9, (2014) 600.

        Highlighted by: Optics and Photonics News, Azosensors, Nanotechweb and KTVU etc.


2.   R. M. Ma et al. “Plasmon lasers: coherent light source at molecular scales”   

         Laser & Photonics Reviews 7 (2013) 1.



3.   R. M. Ma et al. Multiplexed and Electrically Modulated Plasmon Laser Circuit

         Nano Letters 12 (2012) 5396

         Highlighted by:

         Scientific American 'Atomic Toolbox: Manufacturing at the Nanoscale'

         C&EN 'Researchers Build Compact Optical Circuit'

         UC Research 'Pushing innovations to industry's doorstep'


4.   R. M. Ma et al. “Room temperature sub‐diffraction‐limited plasmon laser by total internal


         Nature Materials 10 (2011) 110.

         Highlighted by:

         Science 'Ever-Smaller Lasers Pave the Way For Data Highways Made of Light' 328 (2009) 810

         Science “Spotlight on Plasmon Lasers” 333 (2011) 709

         MIT Technology Review “NanoLasers Heat Up”  Jan. 13, 2011

         Materials Today “Plasmon lasers at room temperature” Feb. 15, 2011

         Nano Today “Nano-Laser” Feb. 4, 2011


5.   R. M. Ma et al. “Light coupling and modulation in coupled nanowire Ring‐Fabry‐Perot cavity”

          Nano Letters 9 (2009) 2697.

          Highlighted by:

          NatureChina 'Nanodevices: Ring Cavity'


6.   R. F. Oulton, V. J. Sorger, TZentgrafR. M. Ma et al. “Plasmon lasers at deep subwavelength     



       Nature, 461 (2009) 629.   

       Highlighted by:               

       Nature “Lasers go nano” 461 (2009) 604

       Science “Ever-Smaller Lasers Pave the Way For Data Highways Made of Light ” 328 (2009) 810

       Nature Photonics “Birth of the nanolaser” 3 (2009) 545

          Nature Nanotechnology “Lasers go beyond diffraction limit” 4 (2009) 706

       MIT Technology Review “Year of the Laser” Vol. 1, p.26-31, Mar 2010

7.   R. M. Ma et al. “High‐Performance Logic Circuits Constructed on Single CdS Nanowires

       Nano Letters 7 (2007) 3300.


8.   R. M. Ma et al. “High‐Performance NanoSchottky Diodes and Nano‐MESFETs Made on Single

         CdS Nanobelts”

         Nano Letters 7 (2007) 868.




1.      “Plasmon lasers at deep subwavelength scale”

          Xiang Zhang, Volker Sorger, Rupert Oulton and Ren-Min Ma. US Patent No. US 8,509,276 B2, 2013.


2.    “Waveguide embedded plasmon laser with multiplexing and electrical modulation”

        Ren-Min Ma and Xiang Zhang, U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 14/052,504