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2016 Fall

Title Speaker Date Host
Tailoring and manipulating the topological order in thin-film topological insulators Qinglin He 2016-12-28 韩伟
Stabilization of highly polar BiFeO3 like structure: a new interface design route for enhanced ferroelectricity in artificial perovskite superlattice Xifan Wu 2016-12-28 徐莉梅
Tailoring and manipulating the topological order in thin-film topological insulators Qinglin He 2016-12-28 韩伟
The fascinating properties of nanocavity plasmon Yi Luo 2016-12-21 Yi Luo
Topological States of Bosons and Fermions in Synthetic Magnetic Field Yinghai Wu 2016-12-16 谢心澄
Atomically Thin Materials and Heterostructures: Wafer-scale Synthesis, Properties and Applications 郝建华 2016-12-14 孙栋
4D Ultrafast Electron Microscopy Haihua Liu 2016-12-08 江颖
High-field studies of elemental semimetals–graphite and black phosphorus Masashi Tokunaga 2016-12-07 Masashi Tokunaga
Spin and orbital correlation of Fe-based superconductors and their strong quantum magnetic fluctuation 顾威 2016-12-07 王楠林
Special seminar: All-electrical generation of spin-polarized currents and Entanglement entropy fluctuation Jian Wang 2016-12-05 谢心澄
Special seminar: Density of States and Tunneling Conductance of Fe-based Superconductors Jongbae Hong 2016-12-01 Jian Wang
Weekly seminar: Non-equilibrium dynamics in a quantum-Hall Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid Toshimasa Fujisawa 2016-11-30 RYUICHI SHINDO
Chiral solitons for topological informatics Han Woong Yeom 2016-11-23 江颖
狄拉克材料的低温输运特性研究 修发贤 2016-11-16 贾爽
FeSe/SrTiO3界面的超导增强 郭建东 2016-11-09 施均仁
Recent topics in surface Andreev bound states Yukio Tanaka 2016-11-02 王健
"Magnetic monopole" condensation transition out of U(1) quantum spin liquid: connect emergence to reality 陈钢 2016-11-02 王楠林
Center of Mass Momentum Dependent Interaction between Ultracold Atoms Peng Zhang (张芃) 2016-11-01 刘雄军
自旋轨道耦合的超冷费米气体 张靖 2016-10-26 刘雄军
Counting the Uncountable: Numerical Calculation of Granular Entropy Daan Frenkel 2016-10-21 徐莉梅
Recent experimental progresses on the quantum anomalous Hall effect Ke He 2016-10-19 谢心澄
An Odd-Parity Hidden Order in a Perovskite Iridate Revealed Using Nonlinear Optics Liuyan Zhao 2016-10-19 李源
Viewing Rotation of Majorana Qubit on Bloch Sphere by Microwave Radiation due to Josephson Effects Xiao Hu 2016-10-18 谢心澄
Terahertz strong-field interactions with matter in every phase: Electric and magnetic field effects Keith A. Nelson 2016-10-14 孙栋
地震原理新论 ——兼驳地震不可预测论 陆坤权 2016-10-13 谢心澄
Phonon related properties studied by temperature dependent Raman spectroscopy TianYao 2016-10-12 孙栋