Condensed matter experiment

Low temperature and quantum transport

  • Chen, Jian-Hao: Explore new physics and new functionality of low dimensional electronic materials by controllably tuning disorders, functional groups and their interactions with the charge and spin carriers of the materials while probing their electronic transport properties in-situ;
  • Du,  Rui-Rui: Experiments on quantum transport in condensed matter, in particular the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect, Quantum Spin Hall Effect, Luttinger liquid, and other emergent phenomena;
  • Lin,  Xi: Quantum transport experiments at dilution refrigerator temperatures, in particular the tunneling of edge channels in the quantum Hall effect;
  • Lu, Xiaobo: Emergent quantum physics in low-dimensional quantum materials, i.e. strong correlation, superconductivity and novel band topology etc;
  • Wang, Jian: Transport properties of topological materials and low dimensional superconductors in low temperature and high magnetic field;
  • He, Qing Lin: Molecular beam epitaxial (MBE) growth of quantum material thin films and nanostructures, including topological (crystalline) insulator, topological superconductor and Majorana fermion, Weyl/topological semimetal, antiferromagnet, etc.; Low temperature quantum transport;
  • Liu, YangMeasurement and manipulation of many-body quantum phases in two-dimensional electron/hole systems, composite Fermions with multiple degrees of freedom, charge density waves such as Wigner crystals, etc.


Spectroscopy and high-resolution detection

  • Chen, Yi: Topics of interests range from single spins, single atoms, single molecules to many-body magnetic and electronic states; Using and developing new scanning probe methods to detect and coherently control physical observables at the atomic scale;
  • Gao, Peng: Using transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and spectroscopy techniques, we probe the atomic structure and properties of interface and low-dimensional materials;
  • Jiang, Ying: Scanning Probe Microscopy, Surface Science, Single-molecule physics and chemistry, Low dimensional quantum materials;
  • Li, Yuan: Experimental study of strongly correlated electron systems and unconventional superconductors. Primary methods are solid-state spectroscopy, such as elastic and inelastic neutron scattering, X-ray scattering, and Raman spectroscopy;
  • Peng, Yingying: Resonant/non-resonant inelastic, elastic and time-resolved X-ray scattering to study the elementary collective phenomena in condensed matter. Topics of interest include the roles of charge, spin, orbital and lattice excitations in high-temperature superconductors, strong electron-electron correlations, electron-phonon interactions, spin and charge ordering and quantum criticality in strong-correlated materials;
  • Sun,  Dong: Ultrafast carrier dynamics and optoelectronics in two-dimensional and topological quantum materials and functional devices based on these materials and optical control of quantum degree of freedom. Major experimental techniques include:ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy, scanning photo current spectroscopy, time-domain THz spectroscopy,PL,Raman and magneto-optical spectroscopy;
  • Wang, Nanlin: Strongly correlated electron systems and unconventional superconductivity, competing orders and collective phenomena in complex electronic materials; primary experimental tools include infrared and optical spectroscopy, time-domain THz spectroscopy and ultrafast pump-probe technique;
  • Zhang, Yan: Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy study on the novel electronic structure in correlated materials. Tuning the properties of low-dimensional electronic state (surface and interface) by surface manipulation and MBE techniques.


Spin and Low-Dimensional Magnetism

  • Han, Wei: Spintroincs in low dimensional quantum materials, Novel materials and interface states, All-oxide-based spintronics, Molecular beam epitaxy;
  • Jia, Shuang: Design, synthesis and characterization of novel solid state bulk materials, including topological semimetals/superconductors and new ferromagnetic materials;
  • Li, Jia: Magnetic properties of magnetic thin films and magnetic nanostructure. The prior topics include: Artificial magnetic structure and the topological manipulation of nanomagnet, Ultrafast magnetic properties of 3d transition metal;


AMO experiment and precision measurement

  • Zhang, Xibo: Ultracold strontium atoms and precision measurement; making and probing novel strongly correlated states with high-spatial-resolution microscopy and high-frequency-resolution laser spectroscopy; interacting topological quantum states.