Condensed matter theory

  • Liu, Xiong-Jun: Condensed matter theory: topological phases of quantum matter, topological superconductor, anomalous Hall effect; Ultra-cold atoms: simulation of topological phases, synthetic spin-orbit coupling and gauge fields, many-body physics;
  • Shindou, Ryuichi: Topological aspects of condensed matter physics; Berry phase effects in quantum transport, quantum magnetism;
  • Shi, Junren: Anomalous properties related to spin-orbit coupling, quantum transport in  low dimensional systems, topological aspects in condensed matter physics, superconductivity;
  • Sun, Qingfeng: Quantum transport; Spintronics and topological insulator; quantum dot; grapheme; superconductor; Strongly correlated electron systems and Kondo effect; the system with spin-orbit interaction; and the quantum transport in DNA and protein;
  • Wang, Fa:Strongly correlated electrons; iron-based high temperature superconductivity; systems with both strong correlation and strong spin-orbit coupling;
  • Wu, Biao: Quantum thermalization, quantum chaos, quantum algorithm, ultracold atomic gas, nonlinear dynamics;
  • Xie, Xincheng: Quantum Hall effect; charge and spin transport in low-dimensional quantum systems; correlated electron systems;
  • Tan, ShinaUltracold atomic and molecular gases: quantum many-body and few-body theories; Condensed matter theory; Quantum field theory.