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2015 Fall

Title Speaker Date Host
Applications of X-ray Raman Spectroscopy and Hard X-ray Spectroscopy to Energy Sciences Tsu-Chien Weng 2016-03-02 任泽峰
Interaction-driven topological phase transition in correlated symmetry protected topological states Zi Yang Meng 2016-02-23 冯济
Chiral phonons in 2D systems Lifa Zhang 2015-12-30 林熙
Intrinsic Josephson junctions: fabrication, physics and applications Huabing Wang 2015-12-29 危健
Atomically precise graphene nanoribbons Shiyong Wang 2015-12-28 江颖
Visualizing Low Dimensional Electronic States in Complex Quantum Materials Yongtao Cui 2015-12-24 张焱
Charge/Spin Transport and Superconductivity at Spin-Split Surface States SHUJI HASEGAWA 2015-12-23 王健
Observation of Exceptional point in a chaotic exciton polariton billiard 高廷阁 2015-12-22 吴飙
Investigating electronic and molecular structure/dynamics by time resolved ultrafast non-linear spectroscopy Wei Xiong 2015-12-17 任泽峰
From fidelity approach to quantum phase transitions to dynamics of quantum systems Prof. Bogdan Damski 2015-12-17 全海涛
Engineering the Meta-Resonances toward Functioning Terahertz Devices Weili Zhang 2015-12-16 孙栋
Prof. A. Einstein meets Spintronics Sadamichi Maekawa 2015-12-11 韩伟
Exotic Polarons in Ultracold Fermi Gases Wei Yi 2015-12-09 刘雄军
Emergent Kondo scaling in iron-based superconductors AFe2As2 (A = K, Rb, Cs) 吴涛 2015-12-02 李源
Opportunities for spintronics with novel 2d materials Jaroslav Fabian 2015-11-26 韩伟
Single-molecule surface chemistry with STM Hiroshi Okuyama 2015-11-25 江颖
Defects and Boundaries in 2D Materials: Correlating Electronic Properties to Atomic Structures An-Ping Li 2015-11-23 江颖
The Max Planck Society and earning a PhD in Stuttgart, (Germany Hans-Georg Libuda 2015-11-20 李源
High-temperature superconductivity: new insights and perspectives Bernhard Keimer 2015-11-20 李源
Optical Spectroscopy on Superconductors: The Higgs mode in disordered films Martin Dressel 2015-11-20 李源
Superconductors in non-equilibrium: Higgs oscillations and induced superconductivity Dirk Manske 2015-11-19 李源
Bi2Te2Se中量子电导涨落的拓扑性及多振幅平台 宋凤麒 2015-11-18 危健
Hybrid inorganic-organic materials: a new family in condensed matter physics Yang Sun 2015-11-11 Wei Han
In-plane magnetization-induced quantum anomalous Hall effect in honeycomb lattice systems Zhenhua Qiao 2015-11-04 Ji Feng
FQHE and recent experimental progress of the 5/2 state Xi Lin 2015-11-02 冯济
Topological Versus Landau-like phase transitions Dung-Hai Lee 2015-10-29  
Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Confined Geometries Klaus Ensslin 2015-10-28 林熙
Composite fermion Fermi sea: Is the glass half empty or half full? Jainendra K. Jain 2015-10-23 谢心澄
Unconventional Edge Phases of Chiral Abelian Quantum Hall States Meng Cheng 2015-10-22 刘雄军
Unconventional superconductivity in A2Cr3As3 (A=K, Rb, Cs) Guang-Han Cao 2015-10-21 李源
Big Challenges and Future of Quantum Science Professor Eric D. Isaacs 2015-10-15  
Joint Conference on Novel Quantum Matter University of Chicago-Peking University speakers 2015-10-15  
Emergence of Electron Coherence in MoS2 Induced by Spatial Self-Phase Modulation Jimin Zhao 2015-10-14 孙栋
Optical study of Dirac fermions in graphene heterostructures and topological crystalline insulators Zhiqiang Li 2015-10-14 王楠林
GaAs基半导体中的电子自旋相干过程 姬扬 2015-09-30 张弛
Emergent BCS regime of two-dimensional fermionic Hubbard model: ground-state phase diagram Youjin Deng 2015-09-16 Limei Xu
Hidden spin polarization in materials with inversion symmetry: causes and consequences Qihang Liu 2015-09-15 Ji Feng
Polarized and Unpolarized Neutron Scattering of Strongly-Correlated Electron Materials Haifeng Li 2015-08-26 李源
Topological photonic crystals Ling Lu 2015-08-07