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2015 Spring

Title Speaker Date Host
Quantum Hall Effects in Two-Dimensional Hole Systems Confined in Wide GaAs Quantum Wells 刘阳 2015-08-03 林熙
Probing the graphene bridge Xu Du 2015-07-09 Jian Wei
Entanglement Entropy Scaling Laws and Eigenstate Thermalization in Many-Particle Systems Kun Yang 2015-07-08 Chi Zhang
Quantum Transport of Surface Dirac Fermions in Topological Insulators – from “half-integer” quantum Hall effect to “half-integer” AB oscillations Yong P. Chen 2015-07-07 Chi Zhang
Path Integral Liouville Dynamics Prof. Jian Liu 2015-07-01 Xinzheng Li
Spontaneous Loop Currents and Emergent Gauge Fields in Optical Lattices Xiaopeng Li 2015-06-30 谢心澄
Finding New Electronic Materials Using Concepts from Chemistry and Physics Robert Cava 2015-06-26 Shuang Jia
Enhanced superconductivity in one-unit cell FeSe film grown on SrTiO3 Xucun Ma 2015-06-24 王健
The Route to Pure Dissipationless Quantum Anomalous Hall State Cui-Zu Chang 2015-06-23 王健
Topological Kondo insulators and Topological Crystalline Kondo Insulator Kai Sun 2015-06-18 刘雄军
Some novel effects in two-dimensional layered materials 张清明 2015-06-17 李源
Heterostructures within atomic monolayers Sanfeng Wu 2015-06-10 孙栋
Competing orders and symmetry breaking in underdoped cuprates Yuxuan Wang 2015-06-09  
(III-Se) and IIISe/Graphene heterostructure Photodetectors 王开友 2015-06-03 危健
Dancing on the Bloch sphere: robust quantum gates for spin qubits using composite pulses Xin Wang 2015-05-28 Xiong-Jun Liu
Highly Efficient Energy Transfer in Light-Harvesting Complex Jianlan Wu 2015-05-27 谢心澄
Some Geometrical and Topological Aspects of Valley Physics Shengyuan Yang 2015-05-21 牛谦
Rotated Heisenberg Model 叶锦武 2015-05-20 吴飙
Cognitive devices based on ion currents in oxide thin films Stuart S. P. Parkin 2015-05-14 韩伟
Topology in Heusler compounds – from a materials perspective Claudia FELSER 2015-05-14 韩伟
New spintronics devices for GreenIT Mathias Kläui 2015-05-14 冯济
Nano Spin Conversion Science YoshiChika Otani 2015-05-13 韩伟
Direct Imaging of Nanoscale Conductance Distribution in Novel Field-Effect Transistors Keji Lai 2015-05-11 杜瑞瑞
诺贝尔奖获得者 Klaus von Klitzing教授座谈交流会 Klaus von Klitzing 2015-05-11  
复杂氧化物界面二维电子液体的光电协同场效应 孙继荣 2015-04-23 韩伟
恶劣条件扫描探针显微镜及序竞争、跨层电子散射、溶液化学-分子生物学成像 陆轻铀 2015-03-18 吴飙
Topological phenomena in non-collinear nano-magnet Jia Li 2015-03-16 王健