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2012 Fall

Title Speaker Date Host
Symmetry-Protected Topological Orders in Interacting Bosonic Systems Xie Chen 2013-01-23 王垡
CAN WE CONTROL THE HEAT CURRENT? A major societal problem for the 21st century Giulio Casati 2013-01-16 吴飙
Chirality, causality, and fluctuation-dissipation theorems in non-equilibrium steady states Dmitri Feldman 2013-01-11 林熙
Spin transport and spin transfer torque in textured magnetic materials from first principles Zhe Yuan (袁喆) 2013-01-09 施均仁
中子三轴谱仪的原理和在凝聚态物理中的应用 李世亮 2012-12-26 李源
Majorana zero modes in semiconductor quatum wires Felix von Oppen 2012-12-21 施均仁
Graphene Nanoribbon electronic devices and quantum wires 王欣然 2012-12-20 李源
Hydrophobes in Water / Water in Nanotubes Kenichiro Koga 2012-12-19 徐莉梅
Neutron Scattering Study of the Temperature-Dependent Phonon Spectra of AgSbTe2 马杰 2012-12-12 贾爽
二维超薄层状晶体材料的光学性质研究 谭平恒 2012-12-05 冯济
Exploring charge dynamics and many-body interactions in graphene by optical spectroscopy Zhiqiang Li 2012-12-03 胡宗海
Pt-基双组分催化体系中的界面作用及其原位动态表征研究 傅强 2012-11-28 任泽峰
Magnetoelectric Coupling in Frustrated Systems Thomas T.M. Palstra 2012-11-27 谢心澄
研制基于纳米材料的高性能平面晶体管 廖蕾 2012-11-21 王健
石墨烯的缺陷工程 何林 2012-11-14 王健
Self-localization of a single hole in Mott antiferromagnets 翁征宇 2012-11-07 谢心澄
Quantum Computation Based on Spins in Solid State Systems 杜江峰 2012-10-31 施均仁
Topological Insulator Heterostructures:Searching for Exotic Particles on a Bench Top Nitin Samarth 2012-10-30 谢心澄
Progress of the pulsed high magnetic field facility at Wuhan National High magnetic Field Center 李亮 2012-10-26 王恩哥
Manipulating surface states in topological insulator nanostructures 王勇 2012-10-24 王健
磁性掺杂拓扑绝缘体 何珂 2012-10-17 王健
扫描隧道显微镜在超导研究中的应用 陈曦 2012-10-10 王健
Study of Water Interfaces with Phase-sensitive Sum-frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy Chuan-Shan Tian 2012-09-26 任泽峰
Recent breakthroughs in superconductivity and discovery of type-1.5 superconductors Victor V. Moshchalkov 2012-09-25 Xianggang Qiu
Emergent Phenomena at Complex Oxide Interfaces and Atomic-Scale Chemistry of Bimetallic Nanocatalyts Huolin L. Xin 2012-09-19 吴孝松
Bio-Nano Hybrids for Chemical Detection Prof. A.T. Charlie JOHNSON 2012-09-17 胡宗海
Modeling organic and polymeric materials: transport, photovoltaic and light-emittings 帅志刚 2012-09-12 施均仁
Aqueous solutions of hydrophilic and hydrophobic amino acids José Teixeira 2012-09-05 徐莉梅
When bosons see double-well potentials Qi Zhou 2012-08-29 王健
Non-equilibrium in Quantum Lattice Systems Jong Han 2012-07-25 张弛
Topological insulator gap in graphene with heavy adatoms Ruqian Wu 2012-07-06 冯济