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2012 Spring

Title Speaker Date Host
A Molecular Perspective of Water at Metal Interfaces Javier Carrasco 2012-06-12 李新征
Applying Molecular Dynamics Simulations to Study the Conformations of Biomolecules and Their Dependence on Solvation Yiqing Gao 2012-03-07 Xinzheng Li
Chemical Reactions on Nano-Particle and Metal/Oxide Interface Prof.Wei-Xue Li 2012-04-17 任泽峰
Electrical control of Dirac electron in topological insulators Kai Chang 2012-04-25 施均仁
Electrical Control of the Spin Coherence in Semiconductor Quantum Wells Xavier MARIE 2012-04-05  
Electron spin decoherence in solid-state nuclear spin baths Ren-Bao Liu 2012-02-15 Biao Wu
Enhancement of the Retrapping Current of Superconducting Microbridges of Finite Length Vodolazov Denis 2012-05-29 Jian Wang
Exploring the World of Two-Dimensional Electrons 崔琦、杜瑞瑞、林熙、张弛 2012-06-01  
Generalized Wigner Surmise in the Nanoworld and the Real World Einstein (爱因斯坦) 2012-06-25  
Geometrical aspects in fractional quantum Hall systems Xin Wan 2012-04-09 Junren Shi
More than one dynamic crossover in protein hydration water Giancarlo Franzese 2012-03-28 Ji Feng
Novel phenomena in strong correlated materials: an angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy perspective Yan Zhang 2012-03-14 Junren Shi
Solid helium: Supersolidity or Plasticity Kim Eunseong 2012-06-06 林熙
Spin coherent transport in semiconductor Nitta Junsaku 2012-05-16 Xincheng Xie
Structure and Dynamics of Water-Solid Interfaces Angelos Michaelides 2012-03-30 Xinzheng Li
Structure determination of zeolites by electron microscopy Junliang Sun 2012-04-11  
Symmetric spin-orbtial-Hubbard model on honeycomb lattice: An origin of Kitaev model and beyond Yue Yu 2012-02-22 Xincheng Xie
The Family Tree of Topological Insulators and Superconductors Prof. Dr. Shun-Qing Shen 2012-05-25 Jun-Ren Shi
The Mott transition in multi-orbital system generated by the electron redistribution Xi Dai 2012-03-21 Ji Feng
Theories of Spin-Orbit Coupled Systems --From Topological Band Insulators to Magnonics Engineerings Ryuichi Shindou (進藤 龍一) 2012-06-27 施均仁
Thermal Fluctuation Effect in High Tc Superconductor Dingping Li 2012-05-30 Junren Shi
Thermal Hall effect and Berry curvature for magnons in ferromagnetic insulators Murakami Shuichi 2012-05-22  
Topological Orbital States in Optical Lattices Wensheng Vincent Liu 2012-06-20 吴飙
Visualization of Nanoscale Electronic Phases in Quantum Materials Keji Lai 2012-06-25 张弛
Visualization of Novel Electronic Structures in Topological Insulators Yulin Chen 2012-07-11 施均仁
此报告已取消"A Perspective on US Fusion Research" R. D. Hazeltine 2012-03-27 Ji Feng
高压超常条件新型量子功能材料研制、表征及调控 Changqing Jin 2012-05-09 Xincheng Xie