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Center Member Rui-Rui Du's Work on Quantum Spin Hall Effect and Majorana Fermions Gain International Attention(2013.9.10)

In July, experts from all over the world gathered in Majorana Center, Erice, Italy to report on progresses in the quest of Majorana fermions in solid state. The News & Views article by Alicea,  published in the September issue of Nature-Nano.
(http://www.nature.com/nnano/ journal/v8/n9/full/nnano.2013.178.html), has selectively highlighted the work based on nanowire-superconductor junction by Kouwenhoven group of Delft,  magnetic-impurity-SC  system by Yazdani group of Princeton, and the hybrid of quantum spin Hall edge in InAs/GaSb and superconductor by Rui-Rui Du group.  Presently, the quantum transport experiments in InAs/GaSb has already been taking place in Daniel Tsui Lab in Beijing University; an unique low temperature STM will add to the research in the near future.