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Prof. Xincheng Xie was elected as academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2015

Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) released the list of 2015 new elected academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences on Dec. 7. Professor Xincheng Xie (Dean of School of Physics and the member of ICQM (PKU)) was elected as academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Professor Xincheng Xie is a scientist in Condensed Matter Physics with overseas research experiences. He obtained his Bachelor Degree from University of Science and Technology of China in 1982 and his Ph.D. from University of Maryland University (USA) in 1988. From 2011, he served as the dean of School of Physics (PKU).

Professor Xincheng Xie’s research interest lies in condensed matter theory, including Quantum Hall effect; charge and spin transport in low-dimensional quantum systems; correlated electron systems.