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Title Speaker Date Host
Graphene: Plays More Than One Tune Guorui Chen 陈国瑞 2020-01-15 李源
Probing magnetization dynamics and unveiling new electronic phenomena Dr. Benedetta Flebus 2020-01-07 王垡
Dirac spin liquids and competing orders in 2D quantum magnets Xue-Yang Song 宋雪洋 2019-12-30 王垡
The operator Levy flight: light cones in chaotic long range interacting systems Dr. Tianci Zhou 2019-12-30 吴飙
Large magnetovolume effect in a cobaltite perovskite 缪平 2019-12-25 李源
Tunneling dynamics between superconducting bound states at the atomic scale Haonan Huang 黄浩楠 2019-12-24 江颖
Spin transport in antiferromagnetic insulators: progress and challenges Dazhi Hou 侯达之 2019-12-18 韩伟
Putting magnetic vortices to work in spintronics Prof. Yaroslav Tserkovnyak 2019-12-12 韩伟
Pico-Newton force sensing at liquid-solid interfaces Hiroshi Onishi
2019-12-11 江颖
三维量子霍尔效应的实验研究 张立源 副教授 2019-12-10 施均仁
Atomic force microscopy Hiroshi Onishi
2019-12-10 江颖
Quantum interference theory of magnetoresistance in topological materials Shun-Qing Shen 2019-12-09 陈剑豪
A first-principles method to determine speciation with Raman spectroscopy and molecular polarizability Ding Pan
2019-12-04 高鹏
Optical Response of Two-Dimensional Crystals Jun Yan 2019-12-03 陈剑豪
Interaction-induced Haldane fractional exclusion statistics in one and higher dimensions: insights and evidences from cold atoms Xibo Zhang 张熙博 2019-11-27 刘雄军
Electronic phase transition in charge neutral graphene multilayers: Does graphene ever become graphite upon increasing thickness Alberto Morpurgo 2019-11-25 陈剑豪
碳基芳香环-离子-水:基于石墨烯膜的离子筛分、非正常化学配比的Na2Cl/Na3Cl晶体和疏水的芳香环在离子溶液中的亲水性 方海平教授 2019-11-20 江颖
Spintronics in Quantum Materials 韩伟 2019-11-20 贾爽
Opportunities in bosonic quantum simulators subject to particle non-conserving processes Prof. Carlos Navarrete-Benlloch 2019-11-19 吴飙
A Quantum Leap in Quantum Information ---- Building Quantum Computers and Quantum Simulators with Cold Atoms and Ions Prof. Peter Zoller 2019-11-18 刘雄军、谢心澄
Disordered superconductors near T=0 Prof. Dan Shahar 2019-11-13 王健
Exploring the strong coupling regime in two-dimensional semiconductors 刘晓泽 2019-11-07 叶堉
Quantum excitations of "hidden orders" and thermal transports of "hidden particles" Prof. Gang Chen(陈钢) 2019-11-06 李源