2019 Spring

Title Speaker Date Host
Non-Hermitian skin effect and non-Bloch band theory Prof. Zhong Wang 2019-10-30 刘雄军
基于分子束外延技术的量子光源的研究 霍永恒 2019-10-23 何庆林
Ionic gate tuning of superconductivity in thin films Qihong Chen 2019-10-16 陈剑豪
Terahertz semiconductor-based frequency combs Hua Li 2019-10-09 孙栋
Machine Learning for Quantum Materials and Algorithms Yi Zhang 2019-09-25 刘雄军
Three-body interactions in one-dimensional Bose gases Prof. Manuel Valiente 2019-09-18 檀时钠
Quantum Spin Liquid Phases in Extended Kitaev Model Prof. Zheng-Xin Liu 2019-09-11 刘雄军
Quantum Hall Ferromagnetism in Bilayer Graphene Prof. Jun Zhu 2019-07-17 林熙
Optomechanically controlling material geometries Prof. Jian Zhou 2019-07-12 李新征