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Title Speaker Date Host
Superconductivity, strong correlation and novel band topology in magic angle bilayer graphene Xiaobo Lu 2021-02-23 李源
Fractional Spin Excitations in Correlated Electron Systems: A Spectral Perspective 李建新 2021-01-06 王健
Recent STM Studies on “Intrinsic” Topological Superconductors 王震宇 2020-12-30 彭莹莹
Order parameter steering by light Zhiyuan Sun 2020-12-29 王垡
基于三维拓扑绝缘体的拓扑量子计算探索 屈凡明 2020-12-23 陈剑豪
低维半导体材料的声子物理研究 谭平恒 2020-12-16 高鹏
atomly.net 材料科学数据库 刘淼 2020-12-09 孙栋
Zeros of Green functions in topological insulators Dr. Takahiro Misawa 2020-12-08 Ryuichi Shindo
当拓扑遇到磁——磁性外尔半金属 刘恩克 2020-12-02 高鹏
光频梳绝对距离测量 吴冠豪 2020-11-25 孙栋
Exotic phase transitions discovered via ARPES and precise sample manipulation Yan Zhang 2020-11-19 李源
NORG帮助免除在DFT+DMFT电子结构计算中的负符号问题 卢仲毅 2020-11-18 王健
Correlated electron systems with strong spin-orbit coupling --- ARPES studies on iridates 何俊峰 2020-11-11 彭莹莹
Electron Scattering Probing Interfaces in Functional Materials Peng Gao 2020-11-10 徐莉梅
超导体和自旋电子学中的手征相互作用 于涛 2020-11-05 韩伟 weihan@pku.edu.cn
High Performance Electronics based on 2D heterostructure and ultrathin ITO Yanqing Wu (吴燕庆) 2020-11-04 孙栋
Functionalizing Graphene by Intercalations Yu-Yang Zhang 2020-10-28 高鹏
Routes to quantum anomalous Hall effect from magnetic topological insulators MnBi2Te4/(Bi2Te3)n Qihang Liu 2020-10-21 高鹏
Hydrodynamics of topological spin textures and their applications Shu Zhang 2020-10-14 RYUICHI SHINDO
Scanning tunneling microscopy of emergent topological matter Dr. Jiaxin Yin 2020-10-12 贾爽 gwljiashuang@pku.edu.cn
Strong-coupling phenomena in spintronics Gerrit E.W. Bauer 2020-10-09 王垡
Exciton Polaritons of Halide Perovskite Semiconductor Crystals Qing Zhang 2020-09-30 高鹏
Interlayer magnetic coupling of CrXn(X=I,S,Se; n=2,3) van der Waals bilayers Wei Ji 2020-09-23 高鹏
Hydrodynamics of topological spin textures and their applications Shu Zhang 2020-09-21 韩伟