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Title Speaker Date Host
Spin pumping into atomic layer materials and anisotropic superconductors Dr. Yuya Ominato
2023-01-06 Ryuichi Shindou
钽酸钾(KTaO3)界面超导 谢燕武
2022-12-21 彭莹莹
量子材料中的输运物理及器件效应 宋凤麒 2022-12-14 王健
Exploration of various magnon states using magnetization state tomography Tomosato Hioki 2022-12-07 陈剑豪
关联氧化物的离子调控研究 于浦 2022-11-30 彭莹莹
扫描近场光学显微技术及其在凝聚态物理中的应用 史志文 2022-11-23 卢晓波
CALYPSO晶体结构计算方法与软件 马琰铭 2022-11-16 王恩哥
螺旋磁体中新颖拓扑磁结构观察及电流操控 田明亮 2022-11-09 王健
Solving multiorbital dynamical mean-field theory using natural orbitals renormalization group 卢仲毅
2022-11-02 李源
量子受限狄拉克费米子研究 何林 2022-10-26 卢晓波
基于金刚石中固态自旋体系的量子精密测量实验研究 荣星 2022-10-19 高鹏
Complex magnetic domain structures in oxides: physical origin and device application Jian Shen
2022-10-12 王健
Theories for thermoelectric properties and switching dynamics of topological kagome magnets 卢海舟 2022-10-05 王健
Manipulating quantum materials via time-resolved ARPES Wentao Zhang 张文涛 2022-09-28 高鹏
Optical responses of Majorana edge states & superconductor diode effect 何骏 2022-09-21 何庆林
New insights and applications of non-Hermitian systems with real-energy spectra Chen Wang 2022-09-14 何庆林
STM Study of Correlated Oxide System Delafossite ABO2 Chi Ming Yim (严智明)
2022-09-07 李源