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Title Speaker Date Host
Resonant thermal Hall effect of phonons coupled to dynamical defects Haoyu Guo 2022-08-17 张亿
Challenges and opportunities for quantum computing in noisy intermediate-scale quantum era Dr. Yu-Qin Chen(陈玉琴) 2022-07-12 刘雄军
Nonreciprocal electric responses in superconductors Youichi Yanase 2022-06-08 Ryuichi Shindou
Exploring the potentials of spin-orbitronics Prof. Aurélien Manchon 2022-06-06 韩伟
New Opportunities with Atomic Quantum Simulations: from unconventional spin glass orders to the computation advantage Xiaopeng Li 2022-06-01 刘雄军
Spin-triplet supercurrent and controllable phase states in ferromagnetic Josephson junctions Prof. Norman O. Birge 2022-05-26 韩伟weihan@pku.edu.cn
范德华外延 张广宇
2022-05-25 王恩哥
Switching magnon chirality in artificial ferrimagnet Jia Li 2022-05-20 王健
Anyon dynamics in fractional quantum Hall systems and their experimental implications Bo Yang 2022-05-18 刘阳
Chiral symmetry breaking, extended flat band and ultrafast dynamics of a Kekulé-ordered graphene 周树云 教授 2022-05-11 卢晓波
many-body physics in 2D electron systems with record-high mobilities Mansour Shayegan 2022-04-27 刘阳
Ferromagnetic quantum criticality Huiqiu Yuan 2022-04-20 李源
Spin group symmetry in magnetic materials and its application on new topological phases Qihang Liu 2022-04-13 宋志达
Helical Symmetry Breaking and Quantum Anomaly in Massive Dirac Fermions Shun-Qing Shen 2022-04-07 施均仁
Doped Mott insulator perspective of high Tc cuprate Yayu Wang 2022-04-06 王健
Exploiting quantum plasmonics for enhanced functionalities of low-dimensional heterostructures Zhenyu Zhang 2022-03-30 王健
超越Landau相变范式的新物理 张广铭 2022-03-23 王健