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Title Speaker Date Host
Atomic force microscopy in organic solvents Hiroshi Onishi
2024-01-23 江颖
Lattice dynamic coupling in order-disorder phase transitions studied using neutron scattering techniques 任清勇
2024-01-10 李源
Towards universal fault-tolerant quantum computation with Rydberg atoms 王逸飞
2023-12-29 陈昱安
Antiferromagnetic Resonance Revisited 肖江
2023-12-27 陈剑豪
Imaging gate-tunable strongly-correlated vdW heterostructures Jiong Lu
2023-12-21 陈一
Insights into exotic quantum materials via first-principles hyperfine coupling calculations Zheng Liu
2023-12-20 贾爽
Quantum sensing with spin defects in 2D and 1D materials Tongcang Li 李统藏 2023-12-15 陈一
A Density-Matrix Renormalization Group Algorithm for Non-Hermitian Physics Xiaoqun Wang 王孝群 2023-12-13 林熙
Precision measurement and precision control in ultracold atoms, with a few applications Xibo Zhang 2023-12-12 吴飙
(Li,Fe)OHFeSe磁通态、杂质态 和磁通钉扎微观机理的极低温STM研究 张童 2023-12-11 王健
凝聚态物理中的电流 胡江平
2023-12-06 王健
Layertronics and quantum geometric properties in twisted bilayers Wang Yao
2023-11-30 孙栋
Interplay between charge density waves and unconventional superconductivity in correlated metals – New results and insights Matthieu Le Tacon
2023-11-29 李源
Tunneling into the Pesudogap Phase of Cuprate Superconductor Zengyi Du
2023-11-22 王健
Probing non-equilibrium states at atomic scale by time-resolved scanning probe microscopy Jinbo Peng 彭金波 2023-11-15 陈一
High-accurate capacitance measurements at mK-temperature Yang Liu
2023-11-14 林熙
Superconductivity and unconventional density waves in Kagome metal 陈辉
2023-11-08 王健
Correlated and Topological Phenomenon in ABC-Stacked Graphene 陈国瑞 2023-11-08 卢晓波
原子尺度的极化子操控研究 付英双 2023-11-01 王健
拓扑声子晶体研究进展 邱春印 2023-11-01 贾爽
Integer and fractional quantum anomalous Hall effects in 2D semiconductor moiré superlattices 李听昕
2023-10-26 杜瑞瑞
Unification of orbital-active honeycomb materials Congjun Wu
2023-10-25 贾爽
2023-10-19 冯济
笼目超导体中竞争电子序的核磁共振研究 吴涛
2023-10-18 王健
Emergent electromagnetic responses from magnetic topological materials based on complex tellurides Yoshinori Tokura
2023-10-18 陈剑豪