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Title Speaker Date Host
黑磷的光致瞬时能带调控 周树云 2023-10-11 陈剑豪
Introduction of Scanning nonlinear dielectric microscopy Yasuo Cho 2023-10-10 江颖
Bose-Fermi mixture: from Ruderman–Kittel–Kasuya–Yosida mechanism to Efimov molecules Cheng Chin
2023-09-28 刘雄军
基于自旋量子精密测量的暗物质实验搜索 彭新华
2023-09-27 刘雄军
拓扑与强关联体系中的非线性光学响应及其量子几何效应 汪华
2023-09-26 冯济
Half Quantized Hall Effect in Metal Shun-Qing Shen 2023-09-21 施均仁
Discovery of high-Tc superconductivity in a nickelate under pressure   Meng Wang
2023-09-20 林熙
Electron-correlation-induced charge order in Kagome magnet FeGe 王义林 2023-09-14 宋志达
Advanced scanning probe microscopy studies on the atomically thin films Shuai-Hua Ji
2023-09-13 卢晓波
Ultrafast Control of Entanglement Enabled by the Time-Resolved Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering Yao Wang
2023-09-11 彭莹莹
Quantum computing approaches to quantum many-body problems Jinzhao Sun
2023-09-07 张亿
Ultrafast control of quantum materials with terahertz-frequency light Jiaojian Shi 2023-09-06 李源
在福克空间看量子多体动力学:多体到单体 应磊 2023-08-31 吴飙
Unconventional Superconducting Quantum Criticality in Monolayer WTe2 Sanfeng Wu 2023-08-17 林熙
Topology and Higher symmetry under deocherence and weak-measurement Kaixiang Su 2023-07-20 陈昱安
Symmetry protected topological phases under disorder or decoherence Zhen Bi
2023-07-13 陈昱安
The quantum breakdown model Lian Biao 2023-06-30 宋志达
The formalism of conformal Hilbert spaces and the fractionalization of anyons in FQH systems Prof. Bo Yang 2023-06-30 杜瑞瑞
Quantum Geometry and the Electron-Phonon Coupling 于家斌 2023-06-26 宋志达
The observation of quantum oscillations in correlated insulators of a moiré superlattice 杨威 2023-06-16 卢晓波
Kagome materials in SG 191: LEGO building block of band structure, soft flat phonons, and CDW formation Hu Haoyu
2023-06-15 宋志达
高效微纳光子与室温量子态 王雪华
2023-06-14 张亿
笼目金属材料探索和关联拓扑效应研究 雷和畅
2023-06-07 王健
Locality in quantum dynamics with measurement Chao Yin
2023-06-02 吴飙
Symmetry Breaking and Topology in Superfluid 3He Hiroki Ikegami
2023-05-31 林熙
Generative AI in Science 王磊
2023-05-24 张亿
Magnetic Topological Materials: Design, Synthesis and Characterizations Shiming Lei
2023-05-23 王健
Majorana fermions in a quantum spin liquid Yuji Matsuda 2023-05-17 王健
Precision Unleashed: Optical Frequency Combs and Ultrastable Lasers in Science Dr. Michael Mei 2023-05-10 张熙博
Oxides Spintronics Jian Shen 2023-05-10 王恩哥
On thermal transport puzzles of strongly correlated quantum materials Xiaoqi Sun
2023-05-10 吴飙
非厄米能带理论: 从一维到高维 汪忠 2023-04-26 宋志达
Experimental Exploration of Deconfined Quantum Criticality 于伟强 教授 2023-04-19 张亿
精准智构、界观悟理:空间限域下氧化物的演生物态 张坚地
2023-04-12 彭莹莹
LuH2的压致变色及电输运性质研究 程金光
2023-04-05 贾爽
量子磁性的中子谱学研究 温锦生
2023-03-29 贾爽
Thermal and electrical transport from first-principles Wu Li 李武 2023-03-22 高鹏
Probing magnetism in zigzag graphene nanoribbon embedded in h-BN in the ballistic transport regime  WANG, Haomin
2023-03-15 孙栋
基于超导量子电路的量子网络和量子模拟 钟有鹏 2023-03-14 刘雄军
A glimpse of RIXS and its applications in quantum materials Ke-Jin Zhou
2023-03-09 彭莹莹
Majorana Lattice Gauge Theory: Symmetry Breaking, Topological Order and Intertwined Orders All In One Jian-Jian Miao 2023-03-09 宋志达
发现超导体“分段费米面” 郑浩 2023-03-08 贾爽
Fundamental Limitation on the Detectability of Entanglement Zhenhuan Liu (刘振寰)
2023-03-02 吴飙
Progress on Projective Truncation Approximation for Equation of Motion of Two-Time Green's Function 同宁华
2023-03-01 宋志达
双层扭转光晶格中的原子玻色爱因斯坦凝聚 张靖
2023-02-23 张熙博
Imaging the local band topology, orbital magnetism, and Chern mosaic in magic-angle graphen Eli Zeldov 2023-02-22 王健