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Title Speaker Date Host
Tensor network simulation in strongly correlated systems: past, present and future GU Zhengcheng
2024-06-18 陈钢
“中国剪纸”中的“量子纠缠” 叶鹏
2024-06-17 陈钢
Pseudo-criticality and its implication for the lost conformality Wei ZHU
2024-06-14 陈钢
在自旋体系中利用量子纠缠 提高量子精密测量的灵敏度 郑天行
2024-06-11 江颖
Machine Learning for Quantum Materials, Models, and Algorithms Yi Zhang
2024-06-06 王垡
Unconventional Electronic Instabilities in Kagome Superconductors Ming Shi 史明
2024-06-05 彭莹莹
Resonant X-ray Scattering Study of Square-Planar Low-Valence Nickelates Yao Shen
2024-05-29 陈钢
Magnetic and charge properties in the Kitaev Candidate material α-RuCl3 Zheng-Xin Liu 2024-05-22 杜瑞瑞
Josephson diode effect and flat band superconductivity with quantum metric in moiré materials Kam Tuen Law

2024-05-15 王健
层状磁性材料中自旋结构、磁畴及元素替代 导致的丰富物理性质 郭艳峰
2024-05-10 彭莹莹
Chiral graviton modes in fractional quantum Hall liquids Lingjie Du 杜灵杰
2024-05-10 冯济
Probing strongly correlated quantum states in 2D material moiré superlattice Guo Yu
2024-05-09 林熙
CrystalFormer 王磊
2024-05-08 宋志达
Entanglement of Many-Body Mixed States Xiao Yan Xu许霄琰
2024-04-29 宋志达
Detecting quantum anomalies in open systems Shenghan Jiang
2024-04-24 陈钢
Quantum Non-Hermitian Phenomena with Open Baths 胡颖 教授
2024-04-17 吴飙
中子散射技术对低维量子磁体的奇异物性研究 马杰
2024-04-10 贾爽
Mottness and high-Tc superconductivity 翁征宇
2024-04-03 王健
Sculpting dynamic quantum error correcting codes with measurements Nat Tantivasadakarn
2024-04-03 陈昱安
Spiral Spin-Liquids: Codimension, Topology, and Molecular Excitations 高尚 2024-03-27 陈钢
Quantum simulations of dipolar XY model with Rydberg atom arrays Cheng Chen
2024-03-26 李源
Boron in the 2D limit: borophene, borophane, and beyond 李秋珵
2024-03-21 江颖
新型层间量子拖拽效应 曾长淦
2024-03-20 陈剑豪
Possible physics behind hc/6e flux quantum oscillations in CsV3Sb5 Xiao HU 胡 晓
2024-03-19 王健
Engineering advanced quantum control for quantum simulation and sensing Guoqing Wang
2024-03-19 李源
超冷原子量子调控 陈宇翱
2024-03-13 刘雄军
Correlated and topological states in graphene-based heterostructures 刘健鹏
2024-03-06 宋志达
Fractional Chern Insulators in moiré flatbands Jie Wang 王捷
2024-02-28 杜瑞瑞
Light-induced Band Engineering in 2D Materials and Topological Materials Peizhe Tang
2024-02-21 宋志达
Machine Learning meets Quantum Many-body Physics Dr. Di Luo 罗迪 2024-02-20 冯济