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2016 Spring

Title Speaker Date Host
Precursor charge density wave in La1.875Ba0.125CuO4 苗虎 2016-09-29 王楠林
The mystery of high temperature superconductivity at the FeSe/STO interface 封东来 2016-09-21 王楠林
关于高温超导机理的一个模型 薛其坤 2016-09-14 王健
“动”察秋毫 -用纳米机电器件来探索微尺度世界 王曾晖 2016-09-07 陈剑豪
Exploring novel ferromagnetic and superconducting orders via proximity effect in material heterostructures Peng Wei 2016-08-31 韩伟
Spin dynamics in inhomogeneously magnetized systems Teruo Ono 2016-08-30 韩伟
Signatures of topological Josephson junctions Yang Peng 2016-08-08 杜瑞瑞
You and the Physical Review Journals Dr. Samindranath Mitra 2016-08-05  
An Arbitrary Waveform Generator for Quantum Dr. Bruno Küng 2016-08-02  
Strongly Correlated Majorana Transistors Fan Zhang 2016-07-28 谢心澄
Explore Strongly Correlated Electron Materials with Advanced IR and THz Spectroscopy Prof. Mengkun Liu 2016-07-27 王楠林
Majorana Fermions in Ballistic Nanowire Devices Hao Zhang 2016-07-19 Xiaosong Wu
Nonadiabatic molecular dynamics investigations on the ultrafast charge dynamics at Interfaces 赵瑾 2016-07-19 孙栋
Classification of three-dimensional Dirac semimetals Bohm-Jung Yang 2016-07-18 Shindou
Moire bands and electronic properties of graphene on hexagonal boron nitride Jeil Jung 2016-07-18 陈剑豪
Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering from correlated electron systems and unconventional High-Tc Superconductors Dr. Ke-Jin Zhou 2016-07-14 王楠林
Electronic Transport and Device Applications of Fengnian Xia 2016-07-11 陈剑豪
Spinning electrons at a crossroads Hua Chen 2016-07-06 牛谦
Computer Modelling as a Tool in Materials Science Richard Catlow 2016-07-04 李新征
Building Nanoscale Oxide Thin Films and Interfaces One Atomic Layer at a Time Xiaoxing Xi 2016-06-27 谢心澄
Novel properties of 5d transition metal compounds 万贤纲 2016-06-22 王健
The Kondo Effect – from Spin to Orbital Degrees of Freedom Juhn-Jong Lin 2016-06-15 危健
Topological conducting channels in bilayer graphene Jun Zhu 2016-06-08 林熙
Valleytronics in 2D semiconductors Wang Yao 2016-06-08 冯济
Topographic Control of the Structural Energetics of 2D systems, and Vincent H Crespi 2016-06-07 林熙
2D confinement of heavy electrons in artificially engineered Yuji Matsuda 2016-06-01 王健
Floquet-band Holonomy and Quantized or Half-quantized Edge State Pumping Jiangbin Gong 2016-05-31 吴飙
Modelling of two-dimensional materials: JI, Wei 2016-05-25 孙栋
Complex wave vector band structure for quantum transport Xiaoguang Zhang 2016-05-18 危健
Electrical Properties of Silicon and Germanium Molecular Wires Haixing Li 2016-05-17 江颖
A quantum gas of polar molecules in an optical lattice Steven Moses 2016-05-13 张熙博
New Opportunities for Spintronics: Magnetic Skyrmions A. Hoffmann 2016-05-12 韩伟
Experimental realization of Lorentz violating type-II Weyl semimetal in MoTe2 Shuyun Zhou 2016-05-11 任泽峰
Optoelectronics of Graphene-based Van der Waals Heterostructures Qiong Ma 2016-05-10 杜瑞瑞
Spin hydrodynamic generation mamoru matsuo 2016-04-27 RYUICHI SHINDO
Light control of correlated electron systems Wanzheng Hu 2016-04-26 王楠林
Ion Adsorption at Charged Aqueous Interfaces Doseok Kim 2016-04-20 任泽峰
Majorana edge modes in topological superconductors Carlo Beenakker 2016-04-19 刘雄军
Nonequilibrium and anisotropic transport Michael Zudov 2016-04-13 杜瑞瑞
Heterodyne-detected Vibrational Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy -Determination of molecular orientation and chirality Masanari Okuno 2016-04-13 任泽峰
How did I earn an Erdős number of two ? ---new adventures in quantum Monte Carlo methods Lei Wang 2016-04-07 谢心澄
The Synthesis, μSR and NMR Investigation of Novel Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors Fanlong Ning 2016-04-06 李源
Melting the Correlated Electron Solid by Electric Fields Yoshiteru Maeno 2016-03-30 危健
Quantum Many-Body Localization in Atomic Systems Xiaopeng Li 2016-03-24 孙庆丰
Electronic Transport and Device Applications of 2D Materials Feng Miao 2016-03-23 陈剑豪