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2013 Fall

Title Speaker Date Host
Manipulating Majorana Zero Modes in Quantum Nanowires Xiong-jun Liu (刘雄军) 2014-01-16 吴飙
Regenerative Nanowire FET Biosensors to Quantify Biomolecular Interactions Xuexin Duan(段学欣) 2014-01-15 孙栋
Quantum transport of Dirac fermions in topological insulators and MoS2 Haizhou Lu 2014-01-09  
Optical nano-imaging of gate-tuneable graphene plasmons Jianing Chen 2014-01-08 方哲宇
A microscopic picture of water and wetting at metal interfaces Andrew Hodgson 2014-01-06 江颖
Photoemission Studies on Topological Matter. Su-Yang Xu 2013-12-27 贾爽
Spintronics in Graphene and Complex Oxides Wei Han 2013-12-26 施均仁
拓扑绝缘体/高温超导体异质界面的近邻效应研究 周树云 2013-12-25 王垡
The novel applications of spin Hall effect Dahai Wei (魏大海) 2013-12-19  
Topological Odd-Parity Superconductivity at Type-II 2D Van Hove Singularity Hong Yao 2013-12-18 李源
高压新材料与物理 龙有文 2013-12-11 江颖
Unusual Aspects of Transport of an Electron Trapped Below a Free Surface of Topological Superfluid 3He Hiroki Ikegami 2013-12-04 Ryuichi Shindou
表面结构和离子-π作用导致的意外疏水和亲水特性 带有极性基团的表面也有疏水特性;碳基表面在离子辅助下的亲水特性 方海平 2013-11-27 徐莉梅
Organising atoms: from atomic manipulation to size-selected atomic clusters Richard E Palmer 2013-11-22 王健
拓扑绝缘体中的超导邻近效应研究 吕力 2013-11-20 王健
Topological Insulator with Spin-Resolved Edge Current Xiao Hu (胡晓) 2013-11-15 牛谦
Pressuring Fe-based superconductors: Finding and Phenomena 孙力玲 2013-11-13 王健
Probing magnetic and electronic excitations with resonant Xuerong Liu (柳学榕) 2013-11-06 李源
Exotic Quantum Phenomena in Graphene Layers Liyuan Zhang(张立源) 2013-10-31 孙栋
Organic Topological Insulators in Organometallic Lattices Zhengfei Wang 2013-10-31 施均仁
How to predict the critical temperature of superconductors? E. K. U. Gross 2013-10-30 牛谦
Exploring the Atomic and Molecular Foundations of Nanospintronics Cyrus F Hirjibehedin 2013-10-28 胡宗海
New insights into the phase diagram of the cuprates from transport and X-ray scattering studies of HgBa2CuO4+δ Martin Greven 2013-10-24 李源
Unified model for spin order induced polarization in multiferroics Hongjun Xiang 2013-10-23 冯济
Dynamics in the Configuration Space of a Supercooled Liquid Peter Harrowell 2013-10-18 徐莉梅
与半导体结构及工艺兼容的垂直磁各向异性L10-Mn1.5Ga薄膜 赵建华 2013-10-16 江颖
Ultracold polar molecules in a 3D optical lattice YAN Bo 2013-10-10 吴飙
Heavy-Fermion: an ideal platform to study superconductivity and other quantum states LU Xin 2013-10-09 危健
Reaction of organic molecules on Si(001) – towards the functionalization of semiconductor surfaces Michael Dürr 2013-10-07 胡宗海
纳米结构材料电学性质的扫描探针研究方法 裘晓辉 2013-09-25 江颖
Electronic Transport in Novel Nanoscale Systems: Graphene and Memristor 缪峰 2013-09-18 吴孝松
Current-induced spin wave excitation in Pt|YIG bilayer Jiang Xiao 2013-09-11 施均仁
Space-time crystal in trapped ions Zhang-qi Yin 2013-09-04 全海涛