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2011 Fall

Title Speaker Date Host
Highly entangled quantum matter-- from topological order to symmetry protected topological order Xiaogang Wen 2012-01-06 Xincheng Xie
Atom-by-atom analysis of functional ceramics interfaces and grain boundaries Zhongchang Wang 2012-01-04 Limei Xu
Tunable optical properties of graphene Feng Wang 2011-12-28 Enge Wang
GaN based Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors and Quantum Nanostructures: Growth Xuelin Yang 2011-12-26 Dong Sun
From optical atomic clocks to chemistry near absolute Zero-Controlling quantum matter with light Jun Ye 2011-12-23 Xincheng Xie
Anderson localization and topological states in 1D optical superlattices Shu Chen 2011-12-21 Qingfeng Sun
Landau Level Spectroscopy of Graphene and Graphite Zhigang Jiang 2011-12-15 Jian Wei
Some Fundamental Aspects of Heavy Electron Physics Yifeng Yang 2011-12-07 Ying Jiang
Emergent unconventional diffusion in open disordered systems Chushun Tian 2011-11-30 Jian Wei
Valley-based noise-resistant quantum computation using Si quantum dots Dimi Culcer 2011-11-23 Biao Wu
Electronic Conduction Properties of Single Semiconductor and Metal Nanowires Juhn-Jong Lin 2011-11-16 Jian Wei
Emergent interfaces of complex oxides: a new playground for memory and field effect devices Tom WU (吴韬) 2011-11-09 Junren Shi
Nanoscale thermal transport Gerald Mahan 2011-11-03 Xincheng Xie
Graphene and topological insulator surfaces are ‘simple’ 2D gapless semiconductors with weird transport properties Sankar Das Sarma 2011-11-01 Xincheng Xie
Electronic band structures of d- and f-electron systems from the GW@LDA+U perspective Hong Jiang 2011-10-26 Xinzheng Li
Andreev reflection spectroscopy in uniquely designed nano-scale normal metal/superconductor devices featuring Fe1+yTe1-xSex Haibing Peng 2011-10-24 Enge Wang
Ultra-fast Dynamics of Materials Zhixun Shen 2011-10-20 Junren Shi
Electronic structures and magnetic orders of iron- pnictides or chalcogenides Zhongyi Lu 2011-10-19 Junren Shi
Bridging the Gap in High Temperature Superconductor Zhixun Shen 2011-10-18 Enge Wang
Two gaps with one energy scale in cuprate superconductors Shiping Feng 2011-10-12 Xincheng Xie
Emergent Particles and Fields in Quantum Spin Liquids and How to Probe Them Yi Zhou 2011-09-28 Xincheng Xie
Spin dependent transport across Fe|MgO|Fe tunnel junction Ke Xia 2011-09-21 Jian Wei
Ultrasmall Silver Nanopores Fabricated by Femtosecond Laser Pulses JiminZhao 2011-09-14 Biao Wu
Spin Density Wave and Superconductivity in Iron Pnictides LaOFeAs Sen Zhou 2011-09-13 Biao Wu
Deterministic generation of NOON states in a superconducting quantum circuit Haohua Wang 2011-09-07 Jian Wei
Thermodynamics of Warm Dense Matter under High Energy Density Regime Xiantu He 2011-08-31 Xincheng Xie
Pressure Induced Complexity even in Simple Systems: Li and Ca Aitor Bergara 2011-08-25 Ji Feng
Optical spectroscopic study of multiferroic BiFeO3 and LuFe2O4 Xiaoshan Xu 2011-08-24 Junren Shi
Quantum simulation of many-body physics with cold atoms, ions, and classical computers Luming Duan 2011-08-24 Baio Wu
Study intrinsic graphene in suspended devices Xu Du 2011-08-19 Jian Wei
Ground states of a mixture of spinor Bose gases with interspecies spin exchange Yu Shi 2011-08-17 Biao Wu