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2018 Fall

Title Speaker Date Host
Grüneisen Parameters: origin, identity and quantum refrigeration 2019-03-20
特种增材制造在热电材料研究中的应用及思考 2019-03-13
Ultrafast laser-induced phase transition in electronic materials 2019-02-27
Probing scrambling and topology via random measurements 2019-02-22
Topological classification and diagnosis of electronic bands 2019-02-20
IR and THz near-field nano-imaging and nano-spectroscopy 2019-01-24
Novel Properties of Single Layers of Transition Metal Dichalcogenides 2019-01-23
Transport in epitaxial graphene on the nanoscale 2019-01-18
Whispering Galleries in Circular Graphene Resonators 2018-12-26
Geometric effects on orbital magnetism 2018-12-20
Shift insulators: rotation-protected two-dimensional topological crystalline insulators 2018-12-19
Spin-orbit torques and room-temperature skyrmions in magnetic hybrid structures 2018-12-19
Machine learning the quantum Hall effect 2018-12-13
Revealing Excitonic Complexes in Monolayer WSe2 2018-12-13
Scanning near-field optical microscopy and its applications in condensed matter physics 2018-12-12
Can physics help us to design faster quantum algorithm? 2018-12-06
Hidden SU(2) Symmetries, the Symmetry Hierarchy and the Emergent Eight-Fold Way in Spin-1 Quantum Magnets 2018-12-05
Probing quantum transport in atomically thin semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides 2018-11-28
Cluster Diagrammatic Monte Carlo Method for Interacting Electrons 2018-11-27
团簇科学走向原子制造 2018-11-22
Tunable spin and water transport through nanoscale graphene channels 2018-11-21
Metamaterials and Topological Mechanics 2018-11-15
Research on two-dimensional superconductivity using multifunctionality of electric double transistors 2018-11-14
中子散射研究蛋白质动力学 2018-11-09
Quantum Spin Hall and Excitonic Condensation in Semiconductor Double Layers 2018-11-08
Topological Superconductivity in Various Topological Materials 2018-11-07
Majorana search and topologically protected quantum computation: Challenges and progress 2018-10-31
An Atomic-Scale View on Oxide Surfaces 2018-10-29
Fractional quantum Hall effects without rotational symmetry 2018-10-24
Low voltage aberration corrected STEM for two-dimensional heterostructures 2018-10-17
Spin Transport in insulating ferri- and antiferromagnets – enabling antiferromagnetic spintronics 2018-10-17
Turning ‘off’ and ‘on’ the topological edge states in ultra-thin Na3Bi 2018-10-12
Spin-Orbit Torques: Discoveries, Advances and Possibilities 2018-10-11
Majorana nanowires and topological quantum computation 2018-10-10
IEEE Distinguished Lecture 2018-10-02
Multi-level state and unidirectional switching driven by spin-orbit torque 2018-09-26
Optical Nonlinearity of Graphene at Single Particle Approximation 2018-09-26
Atomic scale imaging of spin, charge and lattice by achromatic electron microscopy 2018-09-19
Low dimensional hybrids and their novel gate-tunable quantum properties 2018-09-12
Novel Materials in spin orbital torque based current induced magnetization switching 2018-09-10
Hubbard Model, Unconventional Superconductivity and Density Waves in Twisted Bilayer Graphene 2018-08-30
Synthesis and superconductivity in RV2Al20 and CaBi2 2018-08-27
Low dimensional magnetism of quasi-1D spin-chain systems and the role of spin-orbital coupling 2018-08-27
Tomonaga-Luttinger Liquid Nature of Integer Quantum Hall Edge Excitations 2018-08-27
Tuning topological semimetals by high magnetic fields 2018-08-24
Spin Mechatronics - Prof. A. Einstein meets Spintronics 2018-08-09
Advances in single atom electron spin resonance: hyperfine interaction and magnetic resonance imaging 2018-07-11
When Topology Meets Many-body Physics -- the Making of 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics 2018-07-09
Topology and Geometry of Bloch Electrons 2018-07-09