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Title Speaker Date Host
Quantum many-body sensors Prof. Abolfazl Bayat 2021-07-12 刘雄军
Probing Spin and Valley Dynamics in Semiconductors 杨鲁懿 2021-06-16 孙栋
Pair-density-wave superconductivity from the strong-coupling limit of 2D Holstein-Hubbard model 姚宏 2021-06-09 贾爽
Large Spin-Orbit Coupling Systems for Emerging Physics and Spintronics Applications Xufeng Kou 2021-06-08 何庆林
When Gutzwiller meets DMRG 周毅 2021-06-02 贾爽
新型二维铁磁材料的设计与调控 赵纪军教授
2021-05-26 王健
Giant dynamical magnon-electron coupling in metal-metal-ferromagnetic insulator heterostructure 王健 教授 2021-05-20 韩伟 weihan@pku.edu.cn
Magnetic texture based magnonics and its applications Jiang Xiao 2021-05-19 陈剑豪
精密测量科学与应用 王力军教授 2021-05-12 王恩哥
铁硒基高温超导体以及 笼目结构超导体CsV3Sb5的核磁共振研究进展 吴涛 2021-05-05 李源
新型二维材料的合成与性质研究 周家东 2021-04-28 孙栋
Unconventional Superconductivity: Beyond the BCS Paradigm Hai-Hu Wen 闻海虎 2021-04-21 王健
Seeing bizarre topological effects in synthetic materials 蒋建华 2021-04-14 王恩哥
Pure spin current and spin Hall effect in antiferromagnetic insulators Ka Shen 沈卡 2021-04-07 陈剑豪
Emergent conformal symmetry and spin dynamics of many-body bound states in one-dimensional spin systems Dr. Wang Yang 2021-04-02 王垡
Quantum computing with near-term quantum hardware Xiao Yuan袁骁 2021-03-31 谢心澄
物理中的边界:精确解 王玉鹏 2021-03-24 王恩哥
Magneto-Rotation Coupling between Surface Acoustic Waves and Spin Waves Prof. YoshiChika Otani 2021-03-22 韩伟
Dynamic fingerprint of fractionalized excitations in single-crystalline Cu3Zn(OH)6FBr 梅佳伟 2021-03-17 李源
高压下富氢化合物高温超导体 马琰铭 2021-03-10 王恩哥