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2013 Spring

Title Speaker Date Host
Oxide interfaces and heterostructures: Physics, characterization, and synthesis Xiaoxing Xi 2013-07-25 牛谦
The Z2 topological invariant, spin Chern number and zero-frequency Green's functions in correlated topological insulators Hsiang-Hsuan Hung 2013-07-18 牛谦
Epitaxial Growth of Ag on Si, with Plasmonic Applications Charlotte Sanders 2013-07-17 牛谦
Elastic Strain Engineering for Unprecedented Materials Properties Ju Li 2013-07-10 冯济
Coupling nanomechanical motion to electromagnetic fields through the Casimir effect Ho Bun CHAN 2013-07-10 危健
Electrical control of spins: creating new functionality using multiferroic tunnel junctions Qi Li 2013-07-09 牛谦
Theory of electromagnetically induced transparency in strongly correlated quantum gases Daw-Wei Wang 2013-07-09 吴飙
Transient spin phenomena at topological insulator/magnetic insulator interfaces Nitin Samarth 2013-07-08 王健
The Secret of Splashing Lei Xu 2013-07-03 徐莉梅
Coherent Pulse Synthesis: From Oscillators to Amplifiers Franz X. Kärtner 2013-06-28 孙栋
Carrier-Dopant Interactions in CdMnSe Quantum Dots and Magnon Thermopower in FePt Thin Films Hao Zeng 2013-06-27 施均仁
Scale Dependent Renormalized Coupling Constants and Unitary Cold gases Fei Zhou 2013-06-26 牛谦
Bridging lattice-scale physics and continuum field theory with quantum Monte Carlo simulations Anders W Sandvik 2013-06-20 徐莉梅
From Josephson vortices to simulations of the universe with coupled Bose-Einstein condensates Joachim Brand 2013-06-19 吴飙
Amplifying Quantum Information Giulio Chiribella 2013-06-18 施均仁
Spins and Magnetic Properties Mike Whangbo 2013-06-17 冯济
Domain wall motion and spin wave Xiangrong Wang 2013-06-17 牛谦
Structural origin of inhomogeneous deformation in bulk metallic glasses Xun-Li Wang 2013-06-17 谢心澄
The quest in polymer rheology, from viscoelasticity to melt fracture What is beyond Maxwell's and de Gennes' paradigms? Shi-Qing Wang 2013-06-13 谢心澄
Upper critical fields of p-wave ferromagnetic superconductors Richard A. Klemm 2013-06-10 王健
Spectroscopic fingerprint of the interplay between the pseudogap,electron-boson coupling and superconductivity Zhi-xun Shen 2013-06-05 徐莉梅
Magnetism of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Heterostructure Interface Lu Li 2013-06-05 林熙
TSiGe quantum dots and nanowires on Si(001): fundamentals and applications Jianjun Zhang 2013-05-30 施均仁
Towards understanding the solution dynamics using the combination of computer simulation and spectroscopy Wei Zhuang 2013-05-29 任泽峰
Optical Manipulation of Electron and Nuclear Spin in single quantum dot Xavier MARIE 2013-05-27 施均仁
Massive Dirac surface states in topological insulator/magnetic insulator heterostructures Weidong Luo 2013-05-24 李新征
PKU-UT Joint Workshop 牛谦 2013-05-23  
Incompressible Quantum Glass state and Pair Supersolid state of Bosons 郭文安 2013-05-22 徐莉梅
Novel Photonics Technologies for Biomedical Applications Jing Yong Ye 2013-05-21 孙栋
Multiferroics and Magnetoelectric effects 孙阳 2013-05-15 徐莉梅
Positron Interactions at Low Energies Stephen J. Buckman 2013-05-09 谢心澄
Applications of μSR and βNMR Spectroscopy in Condensed Matter Physics and Chemistry Iain McKenzie 2013-05-08 李源
Mechanism and manipulation of the emergent behaviors at oxide interfaces Donglai Feng 2013-04-24 李源
Mesoscale Solubilization in Aqueous Solutions of Hydrotropes Mikhail A. Anisimov 2013-04-17 徐莉梅
Novel properties of 5d transition metal oxides Xiangang Wan 2013-04-10 王垡
First-principles electronic structure methods, random-phase approximation, and beyond Xinguo Ren 2013-04-03 吴孝松
石墨烯垂直结构的构造和电子输运性质 廖志敏 2013-03-27 李新征
Full Band Engineering towards Topological State with Simultaneous Nonzero Xiao HU 2013-03-14 冯济
Metalsurface materials for terahertz wave front control Yan Zhang(张岩) 2013-03-13 孙栋
DNA自旋过滤器 孙庆丰 2013-03-08 施均仁
拓扑绝缘体单晶纳米线的电输运特性 田明亮 2013-03-06 王健
Quantum computing with spins and photons Chao-Yang Lu 2013-03-04  
Validity of Jarzynskiequality for the rapidly expanding quantum piston Haitao Quan 2013-02-27 施均仁