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Title Speaker Date Host
Cuprate high-temperature superconductivity in the extreme two-dimensional limit Prof. Yuanbo Zhang 2022-03-16 陈剑豪
Correlation Physics in Twisted Bilayer Graphene and a Mapping to a Heavy Fermion Problem 宋志达 2022-03-09 刘阳
Conserved quantities from entanglement Hamiltonian Biao Lian 2022-03-02 宋志达
二维极化激元及其增强红外光谱 戴庆 2022-03-02 卢晓波
Multimodal investigation of topological semimetals and charge density wave material EuTe4 Baiqing Lyu 2022-03-01 李源
Harnessing Individual and Collective Quantum Spins on Surfaces Yi Chen (陈一) 2022-02-23 李源
Ultrathin high-Tc superconductors and Josephson junctions Ding Zhang 2022-02-23 刘阳
从横场伊辛链到量子E8可积模型 吴建达
2022-01-10 王楠林
Harnessing Individual and Collective Quantum Spins on Surfaces Yi Chen 2022-01-07 江颖
Surface Magnetism and Fractionalization Prof. Gang Chen 2022-01-07 贾爽 gwljiashuang@pku.edu.cn
过冷水结冰成核研究进展 周昕 2021-12-29 江颖
Dynamics of Quantum Many-body Systems Dr. Pengfei Zhang 2021-12-23 冯济
巡游电子与磁性自由度相互作用的实验展现 封东来 院士 2021-12-22 王健
新一代高通量实验斩获高温超导普适物理规律 金魁 研究员 2021-12-15 彭莹莹
外磁场诱导磁性拓扑材料拓扑相变 郭艳峰 2021-12-08 彭莹莹
超低功耗自旋电子学材料、物理与器件 吴昊 2021-12-01 何庆林
Spins in Low-dimensional Materials Systems: Transport, Gatecontrol and Conversion Masashi Shiraishi 2021-11-26 韩伟
Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking Pairing in Iron-Chalcogenide Superconductors Congjun Wu 2021-11-24 刘雄军
Many-body Entanglement: from Replica Fields to Error Corrections Shao-Kai Jian 2021-11-18 冯济
二维磁性半导体CrX3中的隧穿磁电阻效应 王喆教授 2021-11-17 何庆林
Antiferromagnetic Insulatronics: Spintronics without magnetic fields Prof. Mathias Kläui 2021-11-16 韩伟
A theory of skyrmion crystal formation 王向荣 2021-11-10 韩伟
One-Dimensional Luttinger Liquids in a Two-Dimensional Moiré Lattice Pengjie Wang 2021-11-03 林熙
Two-dimensional coherent spectroscopy: concepts and opportunities for strongly-correlated electronic systems Yuan Wan 2021-10-27 李源 Yuan
两维半导体人工晶格的实验进展 杜灵杰 2021-10-20 何庆林
Some interesting issues about the transport properties of two-dimensional superconductors Haiwen Liu
2021-10-13 王健
光纤光镊精密测控技术 谢尚然 教授 2021-09-29 刘阳
类黑磷材料的物性调控与反常量子霍尔态 郑毅 研究员 2021-09-22 贾爽
Strong correlation and topology in 2D semiconductor moiré superlattices 李听昕 2021-09-15 杜瑞瑞