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2014 Fall

Title Speaker Date Host
Search for Majorana and Weyl Fermions in Spin-Orbit Coupled Fermionic Gases Chuanwei Zhang 2015-05-13 吴飙
Nano Spin Conversion Science YoshiChika Otani 2015-05-13 韩伟
Topological Surface States in the Heavy Fermion Metals and Superconductors: UPt3 and β-YbAlB4 Andriy Nevidomskyy 2015-05-06 RYUICHI SHINDO
Quantum Simulation 周正威 2015-04-29 孙栋
The Physical Review Journals Prof. Gene Sprouse & Dr. Ling Miao 2015-04-23 谢心澄
复杂氧化物界面二维电子液体的光电协同场效应 孙继荣 2015-04-23 韩伟
Ultrafast carrier, phonon and spin dynamics in topological insulators 齐静波 2015-04-22 王楠林
Simple Route toward Topological Photonics 胡晓 2015-04-20  
Description of a dissipative quantum spin dynamics with a Landau-Lifshitz/Gilbert like damping and complete derivation of the classical Landau-Lifshitz equation Dr. Robert Wieser 2015-04-17 RYUICHI SHINDO
钻石中的量子计算与精密测量 杜江峰 2015-04-15  
Electronic Correlation, Magnetism and Superconductivity in Iron Pnictides and Chalcogenides: A Dynamical Mean Field Theory Perspective. Zhiping Yin 2015-04-08 王垡
Materials design of transition metal oxide heterostructures: emergent phenomena and properties Hanghui Chen 2015-04-01 李源
Edge and its universality in the fractional quantum Hall droplet 胡自翔 2015-03-25 张弛
Manipulating Strong Light-Matter Interactions In Graphene and 2D Semiconductors Sufei Shi 2015-03-24 刘开辉
恶劣条件扫描探针显微镜及序竞争、跨层电子散射、溶液化学-分子生物学成像 陆轻铀 2015-03-18 吴飙
Topological phenomena in non-collinear nano-magnet Jia Li 2015-03-16 王健
Below the Mott gap: Cluster Mott insulator and quantum spin liquid Gang Chen 2015-03-11 Ryuichi Shindou
Shedding light on two-dimensional electrons in graphene and beyond Joshua C. H. Lui 2015-02-04  
Prospect and Challenges of Quantum materials with Ultracold Atoms Gyu-Boong Jo 2015-01-14 刘雄军
Circuit QED with graphene double quantum dots and superconductor resonator 郭国平 2015-01-07 林熙
Manipulate the spin states of Cooper pairs and its application in Majorana fermions Xin Liu 2015-01-05 刘雄军
Novel thermal effects of quantum nanomaterials Junqiao Wu 2014-12-30 贾爽
Molecular-Beam Epitaxy of Layered Compounds: Topological Insulator & Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Maohai XIE 2014-12-24 王健
多层石墨烯材料的拉曼光谱学研究 谭平恒 2014-12-17 刘开辉
Quenched Disorder and Vestigial Nematicity in the Laimei Nie 2014-12-16  
Novel physics emergent from few-layer MoS2 Shiwei Wu 2014-12-10 江颖
Optical properties of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides 崔晓冬 2014-12-03 孙栋
Electronic Correlations and Multiorbital Effects in Iron-Based Superconductors Rong Yu 2014-11-26 张弛
Ultra-low Temperature Technologies and Frontier Physics Research Dr. Zuyu Zhao 2014-11-24 陈剑豪
Novel Josephson effect with triplet superconductors Dirk Manske 2014-11-24 李源
Exotic electronic states produced by strong spin-orbit coupling in complex Ir oxides Hidenori Takagi 2014-11-24 李源
Control of collective quantum phenomena in metal-oxide superlattices Bernhard Keimer 2014-11-24 李源
Weak antilocalisation in topological insulators with strong spin-orbit scattering Dimitrie Culcer 2014-11-21 吴飙
Superconducting States in Doped Topological Materials Masatoshi Sato 2014-11-20 刘雄军
Criticality of the jamming tranition at zero temperature and zero shear stress Ning Xu 2014-11-19 徐莉梅
Electrified liquid interfaces studied by sum-frequency vibrational spectroscopy Wei-Tao Liu 2014-11-15 任泽峰
低自由度模型动力系统的遍历性 王矫 2014-11-05 全海涛
Symmetry protected topological superconductors and superfluids Mizushima Takeshi 2014-10-29 Ryuichi Shindou
Dipolar and Quadrupolar Signatures of Topological Band Structures Louis Bouchard 2014-10-23 冯济
液晶弹性体的弹性与模式形成研究 叶方富 2014-10-22 李新征
Ultrathin Pb Films in a Magnetic Field: New Physics from an Old Superconductor Peng Xiong 2014-10-20 吴孝松
量子纠缠网络与量子物理的实验研究 李传锋 2014-10-15 孙栋
Artificial magnetic field and spin-orbit coupling for ultracold atoms Gediminas Juzeliūnas 2014-10-13 刘雄军
Beyond Lattice and Charge: Chasing Information of Orbit and Spin at Atomic Scale? 谷林 2014-10-08 江颖
Nonlinear electron transport on graphene M. M. Glazov 2014-09-29 施均仁
Quantum optics with propagating microwaves in superconducting circuits Dr. IO CHUN, HOI 2014-09-24 施均仁
NMR Probe of Orbital ordering, Spin fluctuation and Superconductivity in Iron-based Superconductors Weiqiang Yu 2014-09-24 李源
Electronic Excitation of Condensed Matter: electrons, holes, excitons, and their ab-initio description Michael Rohlfing 2014-09-23 李新征
Measuring the transmission matrix for controlling wave propagation in random media Zhou Shi 2014-09-18 施均仁
Exploration of emergent materials and phenomena under high-pressure extreme conditions Jinguang Cheng 2014-09-17 贾爽
Using optical atomic clock to study SU(N)-symmetric interactions in Sr orbital magnetism Dr. Xibo Zhang 2014-09-10 吴飙
Majorana mode in the vortex core and single-layer FeSe on SrTiO3 with a superconducting Tc above 100 K Jin-Feng Jia 2014-09-03 王健
Colloids, Coffee Rings and Phonons Arjun G. Yodh 2014-09-02 徐莉梅
Exact Results on Itinerant Ferromagnetism in Multi-orbital Systems on Square and Cubic Lattices Congjun Wu 2014-08-01 冯济
Surface conduction of topological Dirac electrons in bulk insulating Bi2Se3 Michael S. Fuhrer 2014-07-31 陈剑豪