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2014 Spring

Title Speaker Date Host
Topological crystalline insulators and superconductor Fang Chen 2014-07-11 贾爽
Topological Quantum Computation Sankar Das Sarma 2014-07-09 谢心澄
Graphene Nanoelectronics and Nanophotonics Zhaohui Zhong 2014-06-20 孙栋
New Opportunities in Biophysics: Application of Neutron Scattering Xiang-qiang Chu 2014-06-18 徐莉梅
Novel Magnetism in Some Iridate Compounds Shixiong Zhang (张世雄) 2014-06-13  
Detection of Antiferromagnetic Correlations in the Fermi-Hubbard Model Randall Hulet 2014-06-12 谢心澄
Two-dimensional materials beyond graphene Yuanbo Zhang 2014-06-04 冯济
the 4th ICQs Joint Annual Workshop on Spintronics (June 2 - 3, 2014) ICQS-ICQD-ICQM 2014-06-02  
Fluctuation theorem in quantum conductors Yasuhiro Utsumi 2014-05-28 Ryuichi shindou
Broken Symmetry and Magnetic Skyrmions Sunxiang Huang 2014-05-26 林熙
Dissipation in Quantum tunneling: A Platform for Quantum Phase Transitions and A Majorana Signature Filter Dong E. Liu 2014-05-22 施均仁
Electronic conduction properties of indium tin oxide: Single-particle and many-body transport Juhn-Jong Lin (林志忠) 2014-05-21 危健
Electron and phonon Engineering in thermoelectrics热电材料中的电子与声子工程 裴艳中 2014-05-14  
Catch and release of microwave photons (微波光子的任意捕获和释放) Yin, Yi 2014-05-07 林熙
Single-fluxon controlled Resistance Switching in a Nanowire Moses Chan 2014-05-05 王健
Topological Semimetals and New Topological Compounds Zhong FANG 2014-04-30 冯济
超导量子比特及其量子杂化系统 朱晓波 2014-04-23 张弛
Majorana fermion induced Equal Spin Andreev reflections heterostructures Kam Tuen Law 2014-04-16 王垡
New Materials and Catalysts for Solar Fuels: p-Type Semiconductors as Photocathodes Andrew Bocarsly 2014-04-10 贾爽
Advances in ARPES Study of High Temperature Superconductors Xingjiang Zhou (周兴江) 2014-04-09 王健
Observation of Mode-Specific Vibrational Autodetachment from Dipole-Bound States of Cold Anions Hong-Tao Liu 2014-04-02 任泽峰
Strong Field THz Technology Li, Bin 2014-03-26 孙栋
How to explore new superconductors and novel superconductivity via thin films? Kui Jin 2014-03-19 江颖
Quantum transport in epitaxial Bi(111) thin films Xiaofeng Jin 2014-03-14 冯济
Spin-Orbit Coupled Quantum Gases: New Physics and Challenges Hui Zhai 2014-03-12 吴飙
Strongly correlated systems on highly frustrated lattices: From Heisenberg spins to Hubbard Electrons Johannes Richter 2014-02-27 谢心澄
锇氧化物新材料探索 石友国 2014-02-26 李源
Controlling and measuring electronic structure in complex axial and radial nanowire heterostructures Leigh M. Smith 2014-02-21 陈剑豪
Classical and Quantum Effects in Cavity Optomechanics Donghun Lee 2014-02-20 孙栋
Nano-optomechanics in the high-frequency regime: exploration at the boundary between photonics, mechanics, and microwaves Xiankai Sun 2014-02-17 孙栋